A Good Friday

The Journaling Woman, in my opinion, has not a lick of sense. When most people are sitting in their air conditioned homes on a very hot August day, JW is out digging holes in God's not so green (right now) earth. She remembered, in the midst of sun beating down on her fair Irish skin, the advice from an article last week on heatstroke. While sweat poured down her face, and feeling felt faint, she sponsored a headache with stubborn countenance. Clear symptoms of HS. God, the lover and keeper of all living things including JW, whispers to her go in the house and drink some water. She did and felt better until she went out later and planted 3 Crepe Myrtles (because a neighbor has one) and another Hibiscus (because she killed the last one). JW now has a stomachache.

But the Journaling Woman had a Good Friday, not as good as Jesus and his followers on His Good Friday, but a very good one. JW has been very stressed out this week with all her relevance. She walked into work a 7:50 a.m. to find a gift on her desk.

JW wondered if in all of her confusion she had forgotten her own birthday but realized, with the family she has, she would never ever be allowed to forget a birthday. Anyhoo, there were all kinds of wonderful things in it, 2 dark chocolate bars, hand lotion, post its, memo pad, diffuser reeds smelly things and a sweet card. The card actually was the best - well second to the chocolate. The gal said, “Thanks for being patient and teaching me the new software program. I appreciate you.” Whoa – relevant in a new way, a meaningful way. Very nice Friday.

Journaling Woman's favorite picture of self


  1. I have lots of good pictures of your hair!

  2. p.s. I love the baby China picture...it's hard to remember when they were kittens.


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