Update on my friend, Monday...

Monday has been a great friend to me today.

Had a great day with Dr. Lovely Daughter. She is a keeper. I am planning a post on she and her brother #1 Racing Son in the near future....showing you -ok boring you -with adorable baby pictures of my children and some of their stages in life. I will not promise the Dr. that I won't show awkward stages that only a mother can love.

This weekend Dr. LD passed the last installment of licensure - her Jurisprudence and oral exam. She is now a legal shrink. Yahoo. She begins a great new job tomorrow. Pray for her a wonderful day.

I found absolutely nothing today on our shopping trip. I looked for a white or yellow (not blue) down comforter for a spare bedroom. It's the room with the blue and white toile (is that spelled right, it looks like I started to spell toilet and gave up) curtains. I don't like the blue quilt currently on the bed. So I am still looking.

Also this weekend she and I found in Bourbon, Missouri a local eating place. Those are the best, if I can get myself to eat at them. I am such a picky eater but this is the best place to eat. I promise. Now you may say - ohhh no- I say - if you are ever an hour or so south of St. Louis on I-44... YOU must eat there. You will not be disappointed. They have shrimp, chicken, beef everything. AND it is so clean.

Monday is about to end. I must run now and have a good talking to with Tuesday. Sadly, she will expect what Monday normally expects from me. And well ....


  1. I love being with my grown children! Hope you find the quilt you're looking for!

  2. Me too, Carol. Being with my grown children is like having the cake and eating it too. You get to have the babies (with all the goodness of that) and then you have friends later to hang out with and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.


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