What can you do with two paper bags?

Some people might think that our mother thought we were ugly and made us wear paper bags over our faces. They would be wrong.

We were quite fetching as children.

See? A little Opie boy and a little Curlylocks girl.

Nope, we were making masks...and then we put them on... and then my Angel Mom who took pictures of everything we did...took a picture and she still does...takes pictures of everything we do.

I hope you see many masked goblins this Halloween. I hope they are friendly ones of course.

ooowaaa! (ghost talk)

Did you have a favorite Halloween getup as child?


  1. Loved this post. Your pics were quite "fetching"!

    You have a really nice site.


  2. hehehe((: pictures are so cute and those photos are invaluable memories happy halloween to u take care of urself

  3. We don't get into Halloween here in Oz all that much...but those pics were gorgeous!

    What a cut kidlet you were


  4. Hi!


    I dropped by on Tuğçe's blog. Unfortunately we don't celebrate Halloween but have another one resembling to Halloween. We call it Şeker Bayramı( Candy Bairam). Children visit many houses and collect candies.

    Pics are amazingly cute.

    Have a nice Halloween and share your pics with us.

  5. Those types of paper bag costumes have more charm than the fancy store-bought ones. They really transport you to a simpler time, don't they? Happy Halloween!

  6. Indie, Thank you, I enjoy blogging... too much. Thanks for reading it.

    Tugce, Thanks for checking in. I thought the photos was worthy of sharing.

    Lesley, It is interesting to find out how other people around the world live and celebrate.

    Yagmur, Welcome!! I will say it again, that I am thrilled to hear about the customs lived around the world. Come back again.

    Joanne, It was simpler. And just because they were brown paper bags, doesn't make it any less amusing.

    Have a great weekend, Everyone!

  7. Your mom sounds like mine so she must be one to cherish.

  8. Judy, She is so special, so gentle, so supportive. I wish everyone could have a mother like mine...like yours.


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