Coastal Living in MO

You know how I love to post and post and post. You know how I love to read the blogs. magazine came...Coastal Living was delivered. And...'s on the bed tempting me. I hate those temptations, don't you?

And I really need to read it so that I can keep my house up-to-date and know cottagey. Even though the nearest body of water is the mud puddle at the end of my driveway I really need to visit the coast...even if by paper. No, I haven't forgotten MO. I love her too.

So, I have freshly made chocolate chip cookies. I have my "episode" of Coastal Living waiting. The only thing that could make this better is if George Clooney dumped his new girlfriend. If yas hear about that, let me know.

I have my jams on. My hair's up in its scrunchy thing.
SO um excuze... me until I read my magazine and eat a chocolate chip cookie (if only I would eat one) and relax a bit...and maybe think about what to do with my Medusa hair.

I'll be back, soon.

Forever yours, Coastal Living, and George Clooney's,
Love, JW


  1. I'm that way when my favorite magazine comes, too. It - with a favorite treat - is my escape! Enjoy it, JW.

  2. I don't get magazines, but if catch me with one of my favorite authors and their new release? Yeah. *G* Have fun!

  3. Ha! Sounds like fun! Enjoy your magazine, your cookie, and your time to relax! Gosh, that sounds like fun...I'm so jealous :-)

  4. I love WW magazine. I take them to bed with me. Enjoy!

  5. Listen, if you could send a couple of those cookies my way, for dessert, I'd be very appreciative :)

  6. The only thing better than cracking open a nice magazine is having cookies to eat while doing it! Hope you had fun! (I'm jealous--no cookies, no magazine) maybe I should run to the store?

  7. JW Clooney is the Cary Grant of his generation. We just love him. Well, I can exchange him for a chocolate chip cookie for now.

  8. Go ahead and eat at least two cookies - one for you and one for us. That's only fair. Enjoy your down time.

  9. I love magazines too! One of my favorites is "All You"...because it sounds like it was made just for "ME". Ha.
    I love to bake, only my son doesn't like sweets that much and if I make a dozen cookies...well figure it out (Ha).
    Hope you enjoy your magazine and cookies!


  10. It's always fun to get the latest issue of a magazine or a new book from the library and then plan a block of time to devote to it.

  11. I love that magazine too! Unfortunately it also gives me a severe case of house-envy.

    Enjoy the chocolate chip cookies, and if George phones me to tell me he's broken up with that girlfriend, I'll let you know.

  12. Sigh. I just don't get magazines. Sometimes I read the Texas Monthly sent by relatives in the Lone Star State, but I'd TEN times rather have a good book.

    Have a great scrunchy cookie readey!!!

    Love this blog!

  13. Had to come back and say, I just got my People in the mail. Later I'll get pjs on, make a brownie dessert, and settle in. The perfect start to a weekend! :)

    And PS. If you haven't come to see the story take shape, do. It's turning out so great!

  14. I love magazines, I like discovering new things.


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