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On Winter
Please don't be worried if I tell you I am considering committing murder and hiding the body. IF Winter shows his ugly face here again...if he makes March come in like a lion...or or even go out like a lion...well I will lose control. Winter needs to heed my warning and stop showing up. He is like the relative or friend that overstays the welcome.

I have asked Winter to leave. I have asked nicely. I have turned up the heat on him (and wasted my money). I have stood outside with arms raised to the heavens and screamed for him to go away (ok that only happened in my mind). And yet, Winter lingers, then leaves, then returns. And to top it off, I can't tell you how many times Winter has spit in my face and dumped on my lawn. I can't take it anymore.

This is a warning to Winter, if you are reading my blog. Leave us alone for -a while and let Spring come a visiting. Don't make me come after you.

On Depression
Off and on, since 1995, I have suffered with depression. I am mostly ok now, but I still have triggers. So it really disturbs me to hear that Marie Osmond's son apparently committed suicide. He suffered from depression.

Depression is scary whether you are in the moment or watching someone in the moment. The thing not to do is to do nothing and hope it goes away by itself. There is so much involved in being depressed- brain chemicals and circumstance. People don't choose to be depressed. If they could they would choose not to be depressed. It's a dark place to be. If I had 1995-1997 to do over- I wouldn't have suffered so much. I would have gotten help.

Prayers for Marie and her family. This is certainly something she will never get over.

It started with a bump at my hairline. Now there is a break out and I am pretty sure it is poison ivy (PI). So I searched my mind to think how in the world did I get PI here at the end of winter?

Did I touch something that I used last summer pulling weeds or mowing the yard? I don't think so...unless it was my "mowing" shoes. It's a possibility.

But, this is what I think has happened. Kiki Dee is getting tamer. I let her in my screened in porch (breezeway) to eat- these days since her friend Ginger died. She is learning to trust me more and more and demands to be petted. But as I told you earlier SHE isn't to be trusted.

She swipes (scratches) me:

  • If I don't move fast enough.

  • If I take photos of her.

  • If I look at her too long.

  • If I attempt to let her out if she isn't ready to go.

  • If I pet her "wrong".

But what I think has happened is maybe she had been sunning in PI, then came in, then I petted her and then maybe scratched my temple.

On Writing
I haven't done much this week. In fact, I have been using my Ten Reasons Not to Write. And that my blogging friends isn't good. I wonder if my new laptop will inspire me?
Give me a good raking over or not, but talk to me.


  1. Hi Teresa .. I admire you for fighting back .. and doing something. I too could do with winter disappearing - we have a few sunny days ahead, cold still, then perhaps a few of those white things back in the north .. looks like it'll be March days - sun please come back regularly for all of us. Look after yourself ..

  2. Hi Teresa, I too am tired of Winter. I have been more sickly than I've ever been. Like right now I have a head cold that makes me hear things as if I were in a tunnel.
    I still can't find a job after 11 months and I know depression well. Single-mama trying to totally support my 16 year old son. I realize that God takes care of us...but the human part of me gets worried. What do I do when unemployment runs out? Will I be eligible for federal? How do I feed us? Keep a roof over our head?? THEN...I remember that God will NEVER forsake me. He doesn't promise that hard times won't come because they will....but He does promise to never leave us alone. Hallelujah that I know that in my heart!!
    So I know how you feel on depression...I have to swipe at it several times fighting it off...I'm praying for you!


  3. I'm tired of winter, too! And it looks like we're not at all done with it.

    Everything I've read about depression talks about the need to address it early. Good for you for being proactive!

    Sorry about the PI! Not fun. Naughty kitty!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Hilary, We are all so weary of the white stuff, the blowing wind and the cold. But there is hope. :)

    Angela, Hang in there!!! It will come and you will know why it's taken so long.

    Elizabeth, If this is my pending start to spring (PI) I may need to consider a shot.

  5. Your cat is so funny. I'm with you on the winter... I hate the cold and this winter has been unbearable.


  6. Okay if you need someone to help you with your mission against Winter, I'm in. I am so tired of this cold weather. We're suppose to have a chance for snow again tonight. I know it's nothing like up North is getting, but please this is the South we shouldn't have snow.

    Depression effects more than just the one person. Marie and her family will have a rough time but with God's help and love they will manage.

    on your PI, I feel for you. I can look at the stuff and get it. Good luck with that. Glad to know Kiki Dee is getting a little tamer though.

  7. I live in Florida and even I’m tired of winter! It’s been below normal temperatures here more than at or above so far this year. Maybe all we need to kick start our writing is a bit warmth and sunshine.

  8. Thank you Teresa, I appreciate your prayers and thoughts! I will keep hanging on, and will just believe that God wants me to have a job where I can shine.
    Faith the size of a mustard seed...that's all it takes!

    I'm tired of Winter too...move along old man and let young Spring move on in!


  9. Thank you for posting about depression. The more people understand it, the more they can help the people whose lives are turned upside down by it.

    Speaking from too much experience...

  10. Teresa, I'm no stranger to the storms of depression! Bringing it out in the open and fighting back really opens up the pathways for those little neurons.

    You go, girl. One step at a time.

    A beautiful post! Thanks.


  11. I had a bad case of poison ivy from yanking, what we thought were grape vines, off a tree, years ago... nasty stuff! hope it goes away soon!

    This seems to be the longest winter ever for me, too. I can understand people getting depressed... we need sunshine and warm days!

    Keep writing, JW, your blog always inspires me and gets me thinking... thanks!

  12. I am not sure that is a good pet, but whatever you think. More than likely, that is where the terrible stuff came from, but it can stay on clothes for over six months. Poison Ivy is the biggest cost for workman's comp in the National Forestry. I read that somewhere, maybe useless information, maybe not.

    Depression is a frequent visitor of mine, sometimes just drops in and other times stays. I have no answers, well, I have all the pat answers but you know them so...

    Oh, the writing, I assume it is the winter blahs like I have had. Unable to pick up a brush or a pen or a pencil...It will return, take this as a mind vacation. When you return, the thoughts will be flying faster than you can type.

  13. Thanks to all of you for your comments. To those of you that know about depression- I know I am not alone. I try to stay away from my triggers. Most of the time I do fine.

    I am hoping to be inspired again to write more than I do.

    We all know how winter has worn us down.

    My PI is spreading - so I may have to go see the dr. again.

  14. Teresa, while researching I find that a common drug prescribed for depression has several serious side effects - one is that it increases the odds of suicide. Scary! My prayers are with Marie. This had to be horrific for her.


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