Some people blog to gain followers,
Some people blog to be read,
Some people blog for a platform,
I blog for the friendships, instead. -JW

OK OK - I blog to be popular!!!!

A short update.

I received my new computer. I'm having to do all the updates and all that goes with it - all over again. What was wrong with my new-old laptop? A diagnostic told that its memory was bad - that it was failing. Is this symbolic of me OR what?

Just so you know, I plan to start posting again Sunday, May 9.  In the meantime, I want to finish with the new laptop, wipe my old computer, and rework my JW blog.  

I will return. Don't forget me.


  1. How could we forget you, my friend!

    Good luck with the computer issues. I know it can be frustrating.

    Rework your JW blog...ooh, how exciting, can't wait to see what's in store!

  2. JW- I've missed you! These computers can drive us crazy when they're doing (or not doing) their thing!

    Looking forward to checking in with you next week, take care.

  3. Looking forward to your return and we could never forgot you. Missed you and your post. Glad you'll be back soon.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Technology uses more time than it saves :/

    Hope your new laptop is up and running soon, see you when you're back!

  5. We won't forget you! Looking forward to your posts.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. We have sure missed ya girl. Good luck with the computer issues...they can sure be a pain in the brain and on the nerves.

    God bless ya and have a terrific Thursday!!!

  7. Computer moves always take forever. But they're worth it. Good luck!

  8. Who could forget you? I think of you every day. We journalers have to stick together. Sorry for all the computer glitches!

  9. No way could you be forgotten - just terribly missed while you were/are away. Hurry back. . .

  10. Teresa....how could we forget you XX

  11. Hi T!

    Thanks for the encouraging emails!


  12. Oh, I AM MISSING YOU!!!!

    It was SO GREAT to see the cool friends photo and know you are out there!

    Hey, if you have time, stop by my place today. I posted late but really want to share a poem by Mary Oliver called, "Lead" in light of the Gulf oil spill.

    On a brighter note, Happy Weekend!


  13. Hi Teresa .. hope all goes well .. and you get some time to relax and smell the flowers ..

    See you soon .. gosh it rushes by .. now it's the 1st .. May Day .. - have a great weekend - Hilary

  14. You won't be forgotten... I LOVE starting up a new laptop... I need one now too!

  15. Enjoy getting to know your new laptop friend. See you when you return.

  16. Love the picture! Looking forward to your return.


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