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You may not have noticed, but I haven’t been blogging much? Why? Well... here are your choices:

1. I had a birthday and am very depressed because I have just turned 30 and my kids ages 28 and 33 aren’t buying it? Even my little ones are giving me the eye.

2. George Clooney finally asked me to marry him and I’m packing to move to Italy.

3. I am working for the CIA (Chicks in Action) and haven’t made it back to MO yet.

4. I have writers block and blogger’s block and cannot write anything of interest no matter what I try: prompts, unfinished stories, my dad’s birthday card, and self-threats. Nothing works. It took me two weeks to complete this post.

If you guessed number 4 then you are correct. If you guessed any of the others, then I’m worried about you.

I'm blocked—my brain that is. No matter what I try to do, writing is not coming easy…me who writes on napkins and the back of anything wherever I am. I thought I would let you in on this because I’ve kind of been missing. And even though you have plenty other blogs to read and won’t miss one absentee blogger you might be wondering. It’s unusual for me not—to have words in me trying to escape through my fingers. .

Why is this happening, you might or might not be asking? My friends and family have mentioned it could be anxiety over the pending new job.  Normally, writing is my way to calm down, to uplift me, and to entertain me. Writing is an old friend that never abandons me.

I’m a little better and have worked on some writing this past week. But the real danger in not writing (because it’s not my source of income) is the free time not being used for writing. If I can’t be creative (i.e., write, draw, sew, photograph) then I have to do something else and that’s when I turn to my house. Do I clean? Do I purge? Do I redecorate?

Two weeks ago, I turned to what I know—not drinking, fishing, or bungee jumping—no not those.  I looked for something I could pick on. I marched to my kitchen and looked at the wallpaper that has been there for at least ten years (and have it wanted down for a few), found a small unattached corner and started pulling it down. That sounds simple enough except it’s not. I had to take things off the walls, off the fireplace, off the pie safe (don’t worry no pies were harmed) and moved furniture here and there. The whole house became a mess.

Oh, oh and there are so many problems with taking down wallpaper. If you could just pull it down and then paint…then great. No, it never works out like that. You might be left with the backing on the wall and or glue and gouges from the wallpaper getting too happy coming off the wallboard. Then you have the choice of steamers or strippers. Mine peeled…in places. I didn’t want to use a stripper (no remarks please). After standing back in all the mess, I decided to prime it and texturize the walls where my sins would be hidden.

Woot. All I need to do now is slap on the paint.

I need to get back to writing. It’s safer for my house that way.


  1. Sometimes I get after myself because I've been slacking on the writing front and just can't seem to start, no matter how hard I try. What helps for me is giving myself two weeks or so and set a deadline. I tell myself that I can't write in that time, I'm not allowed to and by the end or halfway through, I'm writing.

    Hope things get better.


  2. I think you're crawling out of the I-Can't-Write pit. Good for you to strip the wallpaper. Nasty job. And you're almost done. Post a photo, please, of the finished product.

  3. Yes, I have wondered about you and yes I miss bloggers who I have come to enjoy their writing.
    I love your humor in this post. I didn't know about your pending job.Is it one you are excited about? I hope so or that would indeed get in the way.

  4. Oh join my wallpaper removing club! I'm immersed in the same project, oy what a mess. We've just finished removing, spackling, sanding, priming and sizing the walls. Finally. Someone else will be hanging the new paper though. I'm done :)

  5. Thank heavens I do not have wall paper or I'd be right there with you. I rearrange furniture :)

    Hang in there, Teresa :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Home projects never go as planned - hope your writing urge returns.
    And if you do run off with Clooney, remember us!

  7. Teresa,
    Just think of the wallpaper, the clumps, the goop and the moral dilema of using a stripper or not! You are done with that mess! Just think that you can have nice painted nails while you type your blog and sip coffee! Come back!

  8. I do believe that wallpaper rippin' incident unblocked your path to write. You sure have me crackin' up.

    The loss of my dad put me in a slump I surly didn't anticipate. I too believe I'm beginnin' to climb out.

    God bless ya and have an incredibly creative day!!! :o)

  9. Not sure about George Clooney, but I DO so want to run off to Italy.

  10. I'm still waiting for Johnny Depp to call me. Hee Hee.
    I ripped out my bathroom loft about a year ago. The toilet is still sitting in the middle of the floor in the loft. Tiles are in a stack in the corner of the bathroom. Sink is over by the wall. But hey, it's painted!

  11. Oi! We STILL have about half the wallpaper down in our kitchen... what is it with that? I really hope the writing returns... can totally see where stress would be throwing you off... It is EDITING that throws me off... (or worse, querying!)

  12. Glad to know you are well and are you sure the reason you haven't blogged isn't #2? :) Good luck with your wallpaper. Been there, done that, not again.

    Thoughts in Progress

  13. Hi Teresa .. I could say a wee bit .. wondering about your wanderings .. but just sometimes these things happen .. and here you are again ..

    Wallpaper .. would make a good post .. well perhaps for me??!! Cheers .. have a coffee, a drink or an ice lolly and make your day .. Hilary

  14. I was hoping it was the George Clooney excuse!) Sometimes when everything I write doesn’t seem to work, I simply take a short break from writing. It sounds like you’re doing just that with the wallpaper/paint project. I hope it works for you.

  15. I would, and do, miss you when you're not writing. You have great words of wit and wisdom. I love it that you tackled a house project to work through your schlump. (Although, I secretly hoped you were running off with Clooney.)

  16. My 8 year olds never believe me when I tell them I'm 23. No idea why.

    Good luck on the painting - and the writing. I'm sturggling with a rewrite of my last chapter, so I know how you feel. Ugh.

  17. Haha! I can totally relate. Except I bake. What you're doing sounds way more productive and far less harrowing in the waist line department. I'm guessing that as you are on the last leg of this project the writing will be coming full tilt through your fingertips. Missed you! [And, yes, I noticed.]

  18. George Clooney? Hands off!

    Good luck on writing and painting.
    Loving your subtle sense of humour.

    Warm hugs!

    B xx

  19. Sometimes all it takes is a job like that to get the creative juices flowing again.

  20. I want to see pics of the finished project. I so admire you for taking it on!


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