As you may or may not know, Wednesdays I reserve for personal reflection. Sometimes it’s about my undying (or undyed) love for White Shirts, 21 things I learned in 21 days or what I learned when I broke my glasses

What's been on my mind lately? Kindness.

It was a little block of wood that read Kindness Begins At Home I found it at a store where I was shopping and I intended to buy it, but I forgot to pick it up on my way out. I thought about that phrase all day long.

I've always believed in being kind even when others--aren't kind to me. My parents are the kindest people I've ever known.  If you knew them, I promise you would agree. They have been a good example of kindness.

And, I believe that kindness begins at home just like the plaque said. Home should be a shelter where kindness is plentiful, where we never hear adverse criticism, experience someone’s anger, or feel threatened. Home should be peaceful not a combat zone that we fear and dread. And children should always feel like home is where they find love and acceptance.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes we speak kinder to coworkers, friends or even strangers than we do to our own family members. I’ve done it, but it's not right. Letting our hair down at home doesn't mean we have to be rude to the people we are committed too.

Kindness has an impact on the living, where one good gesture tends to spawn another. It's can be contagious.

So that's it...what I've been reflecting on this week: I think Kindness Begins at Home and then it should be allowed to run amok in the world. 
Kindness image source: Google images
Lovely doll source: Dollhouse


  1. Such a good point, Teresa--we should be *even* nicer to our family than we are to others...more patient and kinder. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. And I believe you are completely right on this one!

  3. I kindly second your thoughts today ...

  4. What a true thought process there, T. My mother always reiterated to me, "Kill them with kindness." I live by that.

    Still like the white shirts :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. Too often people pretend that they're being honest, when, in reality, they're being cruel. Deliberate cruelty towards another is, in my opinion, unconscionable. I'm getting better at managing my own impatience and rudeness when someone works my last nerve, but I'm not quite there yet.

    I won't be walked over, but, at the same time, I try not to be cruel.

  6. No truer words were very spoken. A wonderful reminder.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. You are right..But I do forget it sometimes especially, when my kindness do not reciprocate and also when others takes your kindness for weakness...But I do agree with you.

    Shalet Jimmy

  8. This is beautiful, Teresa. You know... if I could bestow one gift on my kids... brilliance, talent, anything... it would be that I'd like them to be kind... I try to practice kindness (though at home am too often impatient) but I know how much harder it is to be kind to the people who are ALWAYS THERE. We just take them for granted. This was a good reminder.

  9. Good points. I know there are times when I've been nicer to co-workers than to my DH. It's hard because you're tired and crabby, but you are right, it does start at home!

  10. This is so true. Home is my refuge, my place of peace. When I visit my mother in the house where I spent so many of my years growing up, even now there's this special feeling there that involves the special memories and the now feelings of love and caring. No place like home is a true adage.

    Hmmm---- K is for Kindness. Teresa, you'd be good at this A to Z thing.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  11. Agreed. Sow kindness and that's what you will reap. And it all begins at home. Now to go be kind to someone. Ooh, there's my kids. Gotta go hug them now!

  12. Hi Teresa .. how right you are - we just need to be kind, thoughtful and aware of others all the time .. see what they need - not what we want.

    Set a peaceful life and we will get a peaceful one .. the flowers can grow without being stamped on or negatived out .. we are all flowers in the field - have a good weekend .. Hilary


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