More Snow and a New Country Music Artist

Look what happened here--last summer. Sorry for the teaser. I know how this might make you long for a snowless season.  My mum grew to be more than 3 foot wide.  Its skeleton is under the snow somewhere...the skeleton.
It's been crazy. It began snowing last Monday evening a little and the rest came Tuesday. Then the wind blew making blizzard conditions. Then it snowed again. Then it was below zero temperatures.

Interstate 44 was shut down between Springfield and Oklahoma.

Friday into Saturday - another 3 inches. It's been a mess here. Much of the U.S. has been struggling this winter with weather issues.

Bradley Matthew

There is a young man that I know. I know his entire family and most importantly his wife is my hairstylist and an excellent colorist. She is a rock star in my book. Her husband Brad has been singing since he was very young with his sisters. The Praters traveled every weekend to sing Southern Gospel music all over the country. They were incredible.

Brad is now singing solo--Country Music and doing it well.

I like to support all artists. And music is highly important to me. And Brad is a homeboy. And-and-and I wanted to tell you about his new journey.

If you have a minute go to this link listen to his new song Common Man and vote. Artists that are highly rated get radio time.

He's talented and his dream is to have a career as a Country Music singer. I think his song is worth listening to. His website is here in case you want more.

My other blog: The Ruralhood

At The Ruralhood you will get glimpses of rural life past and a little of the present, stories about people, places and behaviors--mostly  of me and my youth. The Ruralhood is my journal of rural life (as I see it) for my descendants and others who are interested.  I don't want those stories to be lost. This week is a post about my maternal grandmother. She was precious to her very core.

Have a happy week.

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  1. That's a terrific song! I know how you feel about the snow and cold. Come on, Spring!

  2. ...they also closed I-70 outta KC when I-44 was closed. Dang this weather. I just returned from the dentist ( I'd rather have a baby but I lost a crown last Thursday). The blacktop road that leads outta this hollers hasn't been touched. Nope, no salt, not blade...nada! Sometimes a girl just has gotta do what a girl gotta do!!!

    We have another 3-6 comin' tonight through Wed. Will somebody please help me Ronda???? Sorry, this makes me emotional! Heeehehehe!!!

    I'm off to vote for your home boy girl and check out your other blog. I'm quite embarrassed I've never been over there. I do need to get out more! :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a terrific week on the job!

  3. he mums are beautiful , the snow…well, it’s beautiful in pictures, but I don’t miss it at all.

    I’ll check out the song and other blog.

  4. In India today, calenderically the spring has begun... we had showers last night

  5. I think it's going to snow forever. We have a chance for flurries tonight and 'more' on Thursday. Off to check out Brad's link.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. Hi Teresa .. loved the song and have given him a big set of stars .. good luck to him. Thanks for sharing with us .. Go Bradley ..

    More snow - thank goodness the sun is out here and I hope ours is well past for this winter ..

    Cheers hope you don't have too many hassles during the snowy week .. Hilary

  7. You've had it much worse, weather-wise than we have. We got more snow this morning, but it wasn't much, and it's now turning to rain.

    As long as your friend is willing to put in the work, he'll achieve his dreams.

  8. I think we have sleet in the forecast for tomorrow night. Your mum is gorgeous.

  9. Brad's song is excellent-- high rating from me. It's a message that a lot of us can relate to.

    Tossing It Out

  10. The picture of the mum was startling, but it looks so much like fire, I appreciate its heat today. It's been quite a winter in so many ways for a lot of us.

  11. I hope your snow is gone and the weather is warming up! Your plant is wonderful! I grew one for awhile and then it died off. Love them! How's the new job now?

  12. Great song! So true! Got five stars from me.

  13. I like to support talent too!

    Thanks for the heads up.


  14. Love his sound. I am now a fan.

    Thanks JW for pointing him out!


  15. Teresa,
    I hope you are doing okay; it's been awhile.
    Take good care and letting you know I'm thinking about you!
    take good care!

  16. I haven't hear from ya for awhile and just wanted to check in sweetie!!!

    I pray you are well and that your just very busy!

    Have a beautiful day filled with warm fuzzy blessings!!! :o)

  17. Just wanted to make sure all is well...have a feeling you're getting really snowed with your new job and life in general! :)

  18. I knew "mums the word", but I'd never seen a mum in action. That's quite the mum and it's brilliant.

  19. Just passing by to say hi, dearest Teresa.

    ...and yes spring is around the corner!

    Happy Sunday!

    B xx

  20. Beautiful mum! I have one that I have kept for three years. Every spring it starts growing again and by fall it puts out beautiful sunny yellow flowers. Just what I need here in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

  21. Today, Sunday, a smattering of snow, enough to cover my van. The tail end of winter when the temps go up and down. Will be glad when spring is officially here! Cherry blossoms in D.C. will be gorgeous!

    You stopped by my blog today and commented. So glad you did. I see you haven't posted here for a while. But I hope to be back.

  22. Thanks for sharing the song and the pictures. It snowed here some today on the flowers and blooming trees, a mixture of spring and winter. I'll go check out The Ruralhood now.

  23. Hi Teresa - glad to see you around .. I noticed Ann's comment and now have seen you over at Mason's ..

    Look after yourself .. cheers Hilary

  24. I saw there was snow at some baseball games for opening day. Well, summer can;t be that far away. I'm looking forward to warmer weather too.

  25. We anxiously await spring too. Although the snow is gone it has snowed in May in Michigan so we it may not be over.

    I visited your young singer and voted. He is good and I wish him well.

  26. Hey there. It's hard to imagine snow. I love that glorious pic at the beginning of your post. Surely it's spring your way soon!

    Yay for the indie artists!



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