Woman's Last Nerve is Taxed

Blogger is getting on my one last nerve:

1. I can't comment on other blogger friends' posts. (What if they need me?)

2. I can't navigate a blog without being flipped here and then there and then out. (Ouch.)

3. I'm asked to sign in everytime I do any...thing. (Are they testing me?)

Have a great week!


  1. Urgh! Sorry about that! Maybe you need to perform an exorcism. I've occasionally found blogger possessed... Hope you are able to get back to it soon!

  2. Move to Wordpress. Free, easier to use, more reliable, when you have a problem, they actually help you.

    Leaving Blogger was the best thing I ever did for my blogs!

  3. Try a different browser. Some with IE switched to Firefox and had no more problems.

  4. Hi Teresa .. they've got/have some major problems .. I've been commenting by not using the google selection bit (even though I'm signed in) and using the Name/URL selection and (yes!) typing in the entry, or just the URL if that's all it gives me ..

    and I've been known to email comments and ask them to post for me - how's that for dedication!

    It's a pain to put it mildly .. at least your comment box pops out - that helps me post a comment ... if they're embedded it doesn't seem to work so well now.

    Cheers - Hilary

  5. I read this from a commenter, and included it on my blog, too. She said that if you sign OUT of blogger, then back in, but UNCLICK the stayed signed in box, you'll be able to leave comments. It worked for me. I know it's frustrating.

  6. Blogger has driven me nuts this week! At least your blog is unaffected by the comment problem (which seems to be limited to blogs with no pop up comment box)...

  7. I would totally agree with all of those; I never know which I will be instructed to do...so I feel your pain!
    deep breath!

  8. Yes, Blogger has had some serious issues lately. I actually have a back-up free Wordpress blog, but just not ready to make the jump. But I'm temped, that's for sure!

    BTW, are you working over the summer at the new job or do you get summers off?

  9. It is a test and your results will be forwarded as soon as blogger finds where they put them.

    Hang in there, blogger has the hick-ups. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. I've seen the same thing Mary said, and it seems to work. When you sign in to Blogger with your email and password, make sure the Stay Signed In box is NOT checked. Hope this helps.

  11. I have unchecked, stay signed in, and it seems to have helped. Then I lost my followers...argggg!

    They have returned along with my lost post and lost comments.

    We are just being tested to see how devoted we are to blogging!

  12. sorry about that.

    can't comment on blogs either.
    yet i can't view my followers on firefox.

    blogger has got some major problems lately...hope it gets fixed itself soon.

    betty xx

  13. I have had a very few problems, too. And I have Firefox as my browser. Everything seems to be working fine at the moment...I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hope you get yours resolved. Have a great Wednesday.

  14. That is so frustrating. Blogger took my followers away for several days, and then they just showed up magically again. I know Blogger is doing an upgrade, so maybe all this is part of that.

    Don't give up.

  15. "what if they need me!"

    Yes! Thats me! I do NEED YOU :>)

    I have been having the same problems with blogger JW



  16. You too, huh? So I don't feel as inept!


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