My children went through phases of being fearful of storms.  When the thunder boomed they would either run to our bedroom and wake us or call out.  Because I was determined to keep our children out of our bed (I thought I owed that to my husband) I would go sit by their bedsides with my hand on them for comfort until my child fell asleep.  Either of my children could have chosen not to be comforted, but instead they trusted me and chose to be comforted by me.

God is so close that we should feel his Holy breath upon our face. He’s not high in heaven only looking down to play us like puppets. He’s with us everywhere in everything (Psalm 139:7-12, NIV). There is no circumstance too dark or difficult that God will not go through it with us (Hebrews 13:5-6, NIV).  He is always ready to comfort.

But, for whatever reason, we may choose to reject his comfort. We may choose to feel miserable and defeated.
I heard someone say recently that she sets aside a quiet time each day without TV, people, or computers just to listen to God. It’s important to get the world’s voices out of our head in order to hear the comforting voice of our Holy Father.   

Be comforted.


  1. ear teresa, what an inspirational post!

    our everyday life wants us to be busier, the spiritual world beckons us to slow down.
    "It's important to be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10.

    thanks for reminding me to slow down and think of God more often.

    have a blessed Sunday!!

    betty xx

  2. wow, what a reminder today. I actually never thought of God comforting us and the fact that we can turn away that comfort. I really needed to hear it today...I've been struggling with it being FAther's Day; I despise Father's Day since my dad was a drunk and hurt us more than ever and my step-dad sexually abused me so as you can imagine 'father' doesn't always conjure up positive memories for me. I couldn't even add a post today...
    thank you, thank you, thank you~

  3. Love that verse from Ps. 139. That's exactly how I think of God, the Holy Spirit - air, beauty, inspiration, music, love.

  4. Absolutely, He is so much and more.

    Teresa, have a blessed day.

  5. Sometimes it does take finding that quite place in our day.

  6. What a loving mother you are.

    Thank you for this reminder today. I need to set some quiet time aside too so I can hear His voice.

    PS. Thank you for your wonderful comment today :-)


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