Nothing But Something

In November, I took my eight-year-old granddaughter out for pizza, just she and I. It was her birthday. We sat in a booth drinking our beverages and waiting on our pies. She talked.  I listened. She had a lot to say and I was keeping up with the continually changing subjects.
Then she stopped talking and her eyes grew large. “Is there gum under the table?” Her nose crinkled.

“I don’t know, but DON’T touch under the table.” My voice came out with a desperate quality to it. Then I laughed.
“I WOULDN’T,” she squealed, giggling. “That would be disgusting.”

I laughed again. She matched it.
We both stared at each other saying—nothing because we were both thinking something. There was a possibility that used gum was stuck under the table where we sat.

(I'll be over at Wrote by Rote, on Saturday, where I "wrote" about recording family history.)


  1. Delightful. It brought back memories of when my oldest was a toddler and found some of that used gum and chewed it. We freaked and got it out of her mouth as fast as we could. She didn't get sick and has managed to survive into adulthood. It really grossed me out at the time.

    See you at my memoir blog.

    Journaling Woman at my memoir blog
    starting Saturday 12/17/2011
    Wrote By Rote

  2. Hi Teresa .. chewing gum at any time is disgusting .. heaven knows what old Wrigley was doing!! Nature should have invented mint for spears or any other sort of pepper flavour ..

    Great - those little memories are just wonderful .. enjoy this time with the family .. and see you over Wrote by Wrote ..

    Lee's story is horrid?! Yugh .. cheers Hilary

  3. Old or new gum, I just loved this cute post.....

  4. I was waiting for you to say, "we both looked." :) I wish I still had small ones around.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. It's just those little moments that "stick" with us, don't they ;)

  6. That's hilarious! I love how the brains of little ones work! :)

  7. A wonderful memory for you two, a delightful tale to share.

  8. I LOVE those moments. My daughter is very similar. :D Thanks for the smile!

  9. Funny. What a lovely image of you two sitting together, sharing a moment, and a birthday.

  10. Why do people do that? Well, gave you two a moment anyway!

  11. That sounds typical. I think this sounds like a conversation I had with my son.

  12. How cute! I would have said: "Get your hands off the gum!" lol



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