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Reflections on the A to Z April Challenge
First of all thanks, Lee, at Tossing It Out for creating the A to Z. Great idea.
The A-Z was lots of work to create posts prior to the challenge, schedule them, and visit the other participators and comment. In the beginning, I continually thought about my posts. At the end, I thought little about my posts. Here are a few thoughts about my experience.
The good experience:
·         I found out that I CAN write a lot of words in one month. I can’t make them perfect in that timeframe, but there are words in my brain begging to come out and I didn’t realize this fact until the A-Z.
·         I found new blogs with awesome people.
·         I gained 100+ followers.

The bad experience:
·         The A-Z is not for the faint of heart. Preparing posts ahead of time is the key.
·         I dreamed about the stories. (True story.)
·         When it was over, I felt exhausted and…empty. Too dramatic?
I told my daughter that I will never ever-ever participate in the A to Z Challenge again. She said, “Yes you will.” I said, “I know.”
I liken the A-Z Challenge to childbirth, you swear you’ll never go there again—and yet, YOU DO, because the memory of the pain and discomfort fades after you see the product. So, I will probably- maybe—we’ll see, participate in another A to Z Blogging Challenge. And...

I think I'll edit and make my wad of stories into an e-Book.
Now back to my regularly scheduled program….
Speaking of one of my new followers, I received an award from a nut who is two years old. Now before you click out and leave me thinking I’m crazy, let me go on. The Writing Nut, whose blog is two years old, gave me an awesome award: The Versatile Blogger Award. She is celebrating her blogaversary, too, with a giveaway. So be sure to go visit her. She is nuts about writing, but her blog isn’t nutty. Okay, okay I’ll stop. She does have a very cool blog with lots going on. Thank you Writing Nut for the award. You’re blog is tops.
There are two suggestions:
1.      Share 7 completely random pieces of information about oneself.
2.      Share the award with 15 bloggers.
I won’t choose 15 bloggers because you’re all special to me. But, here are seven (7) random things about me.
1.      I love to eat pie over cake. This doesn’t mean I stand over cake eating the pie, either.
2.      I use to sew nearly all my clothing including jackets and coats. Not underwear. Is that too much information?
3.      I am an obsessive-compulsive person with ADD. For instance, in my unfocused world I leave things lying around the house, AND THEN my OCD side follows behind cleaning up after me. (Are you picturing it?) Try living with that one.
4.      My first job was at 16 and as a waitress.
5.      My first car was a Ford Mustang that my parents bought me.
6.      I love to watch psychological thrillers even though I’m a scaredy cat.
7.      PLEASE DON’T HATE ME, but I love to clean my house.
Movies (old and new) I’ve watched lately that I liked:
·         Mirror Mirror
·         We Bought a Zoo
·         Hide and Seek
I’m reading: Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson.
I think I’m caught up with you now.


  1. Dreaming about your stories! I wish I could have dreams that were productive...mine all seem to be about forgotten locker combinations...bleh. Congratulations on the challenge...that was a lot of themed posts!

  2. I told my husband the same thing. "This was too much. Never going to do it again."
    "You are lying Blandy. You will too."
    lol and he is most likely right. It was fun. Despite the work it was fun.

  3. 11 month gestation period, just long enough to forget how tough it is.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  4. The A-Z was an amazing experience. Enjoyed the sharing. Do keep in touch.
    Fareeda, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  5. I may have to try that A to Z next year.

  6. 100 followers! Holy cow! I think mine was closer to 40... Probably you got around to new places a lot better than I did.

    I'm giggling about the OCD/ADD combo.

  7. I agree with the observation that the AtoZ is not for the faint of heart :) I tell myself that I'll be more prepared for next year, but I'm sure I won't be and will write every post on the fly :)

    Thanks for the stories! And the reflection! :)

  8. Girlfriend, I'm thrilled your turnin' your stories into an E~book. They were great!

    CONGRATULATIONS on the well deserved award. truly deserve it!!

    I've made no secret how I enjoy cleanin'...throw in my twisted Type~A spastic workaholic control freak and we would make quite the dangerous pair!!! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a magnificent week!!! :o)

  9. "No I won't." "Yes you will."
    You know you will!
    Your theme was great. I enjoyed every single one of your stories.

  10. I love your writing, T. I'm glad you're doing an E-book and maybe you'll tell us "the rest of the story"? Congrats on a well deserved award!

  11. Do you share this opinion? Comments?

  12. oh i so relate--when i am inspired to write or such as the a-z thing---i dream it too--it keeps me up---yes the writing ahead is key!

  13. I really admire those of you who took this challenge. Good for you. I like the idea of publishing what you wrote into an ebook. Go for it girl!

  14. T-Hah, I love psychological thrillers....but no one else likes them so I don't watch them much; oh well!
    loved hearing the answers to your fun!
    and yes, I think the A to Z Challenge IS like childbirth...I'm already to do it again!

  15. Mmmm... pie. Today at the high school there were coconut pie cupcakes. They were yummy. AND... I so WISH I liked to clean my house. Also, I wanted to watch We Bought a Zoo this weekend, but it was checked out from all 6 redbox locations in Bolivar. :-( It's high on my priority list of movies to watch.

  16. I think it's a good think you like to clean your house.

    I swore I wouldn't do A-Z again either but I think I will. I love challenges. Congrats for finishing and all the wonderful stories.

  17. Loved your stories - they were fascinating and fun!

    I'm not a pastry fan - unless the pastry involves butter tarts or lemon meringue! :)

  18. Hi Teresa .. I loved your Grim Tales - they were delightful - and an excellent read. So pleased an ebook is coming out .. though I'm sure a real book could do too with some illustrations ....

    Re the A - Z I enjoyed it more this year - and delighted to read you'll almost certainly join us next year!

    Cleaning house - no bad thing .. I used to be like, but relaxed away from it!!

    Cheers and enjoy the week .. but I did love your tales .. Hilary

  19. I loved your blog - so glad I found your stories!
    And "Before I go to Sleep" is an excellent read - I read it in one sitting (a very long sitting!)

  20. congrats, my wonderful friend for your well-deserved award!

    i am amazed by your participation in that a-z challenge. That's a lot of commitment, a lot of themed posts, but you did an excellent job! You're such a brilliant writer, teresa!(oh, but you already know that!)

    big hugs!

  21. Your internal dialogue could be like the Odd Couple - your messy forgetful self vs. your OCD loves to clean self.

    You did a phenomenal job with the challenge. You might have been an overachiever!

    Play off the Page

  22. I'm so glad i gave you the award. I love learning all these things about you!
    Happy weekend!

  23. I am checking in on blogs that I didn't get to during the challenge. Congratulations for finishing and for your award :)

  24. I can pretty much go along with your pros and cons. You did a great job. Hope you go through with the E book. Keep us posted on what goes on with it. You can promote it on the A to Z Blog when you're ready.

    Tossing It Out


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