My Life

I laugh when I shouldn’t.
I trip on air.
I’m hungry at midnight.
I eat dessert for dinner.
I eat toast every morning.
I watch scary movies.
Then I have nightmares.
I never forget yesterday.
I forget two minutes ago.
I love to clean.
Then I mess it up.
I’m a hard worker.
I love down time.
I can’t cry much anymore.
No one's fault.
My Life.

Is there something we should know about you?


  1. dear teresa, loved this post!
    sounds like we have a lot of things in common.

    big hugs!

    p.s. love ya!

  2. That was sweet. I identified with a lot of it, especially forgetting two minutes ago!

  3. We are very similiar. Good thing is I forget my dreams as soon as I wake.

    I don't eat toast every morning and I don't like to clean but I like things clean.

  4. I need to laugh more.
    I hate air travel.
    I’m hungry at all hours.
    I eat cactus for dinner.
    I drink coffee every morning.
    I don't watch scary movies.
    But I still have nightmares.
    I try to forget yesterday.
    But forget two minutes ago instead.
    I love to clean.
    Then my husband messes it up.
    I’m a hard worker.
    I love alone time.
    I wish I didn't cry much anymore.
    It's my fault.
    Because it's my Life.

  5. hahaha yeah, I trip on air too sometimes. Maybe there is something there very concrete that we don't recognize with our five sense.

  6. Lovely little poem, Teresa! I trip on air sometimes, too. I also trip going up stairs! That's always funny.

  7. At the end of our verses...we are all uncommonly similar. Beautiful poem. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I'd love to follow, but don't see a link.

  8. I trip over air.
    I don't like to clean, but I do like to put things away.
    Clutter and messes make me crazy.
    I'm always hungry.
    I love fun surprises and new experiences.
    I'm a hard worker.
    I need Me Time every day.
    I cry easily, happy and sad tears.

  9. loved this poem. I love to clean as well, and I too am a hard worker who would some downtime:)

  10. Wonderful post!

    I like to fold laundry. :)

  11. Delightful and candid!
    I totally understand the part about hard work!

  12. Delightful and candid!
    I totally understand the part about hard work!

  13. I've been MIA, but now, I'm back. I'll get to your questions soon. Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I'll be linking to you today and Friday. You're the best. I'm so glad we met in cyberspace.

  14. Sometimes that's just the way life is!

  15. great list of sorts--we sounded just a like until the cleaning part ;)

  16. I laugh when I shouldn't too...not to be mean, just my odd sense of humor! :-)

    BTW, Chris is on his way! Hehehe.

  17. I had to laugh when I read one of the posters comment about cleaning and then her hubby messes it up. I can so relate to that one! Enjoyed your list...some of those would be on mine.

  18. I loved that! Visiting from Cheryl's place. My husband will like that "I trip on air"........I'm extremely clumsy and he said I "trip over the pattern in the carpet!"

  19. What you've written is kind of about me...except I eat an organic toaster pastry and a piece of lowfat cheese every morning. :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Teresa.

  20. That's life, alright! Not much use in crying; it only messes up your makeup and stops you from moving on. As to cleaning . . . I do it, but I really don't like the process. I'd rather be outside mucking around in the dirt.

    Loved the poem.

  21. I trip over air...

    how beautiful are those words!

  22. Much of this applies to me except on week-ends I have biscuits instead of toast and sometimes bagels instead of toast. I don't like cleaning that much, but sometimes when I start doing it I can really get into it.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  23. I really liked this. I related to it completely, which is what I need at the moment.


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