Monday Catch Up

Not much going on here, except, it's cold -- very cold.
A Friday Conversation
Yesterday, here in MO, it was cold and icy and in the twenties. As you read this on Monday morning, nothing has changed; it’s still cold and icy. On Friday, it was around 60 degrees.

I had this conversation on Friday.
“It’s cold and I don’t like it.” I tell my newest roommate (I call the person or persons who share the mobile classroom building (doublewide trailer, but we aren’t supposed to call it that) with me).

She says, “Winter has just started.”
“I know, but I don’t like it,” I say, mournfully. “And I don’t like snow.”

“It needs to snow at least once to kill all the stuff that’s making everyone sick.”
“I don’t want it to snow.”

“Don’t you think the kids need at least one snow day?” she asks.
I say, “Not really.” But, I really mean no.

A Saturday Conversation
We’re traveling down a windy road to get to a small city twenty some miles away to shop – my daughter and me. My up-close vision is shot, but my distance vision is right on. Up ahead I can see something big in the road, not moving, and taking up most of my lane.

In that moment, my mind flashes through possible scenarios of what could possibly be in the direct path of my car: a large dog, a deer who met a car head on or the elderly man who rides his bike many miles to town and back to do whatever he does.
I say to my daughter, “Don’t look. Don’t look. There’s something in the road.”

As we get closer, I don’t want to look so I say, “What is it? What is it?”
Dr. Lovely Daughter says, “I don’t know. You told me not to look.”

We both look and she says, “It’s somebody’s trash.”

Have a happy week! Stay warm!


  1. Wacky weather! I walked out to get the paper at 5 a.m. and it was 63 degrees! In January! I know I'm in NC, but that's very, very bizarre for here. Hope you'll warm back up there.

    Your story made me smile. :) My mom always used to tell me not to look at the road kill too (but I have a feeling it probably *was* road kill, not trash! Ha!)

  2. Trash is better than a dead critter.
    I want some cold weather. We were about eighty degrees yesterday. In JANUARY. So wrong.

  3. Its cold, windy, and raining here in So. Cal. I love it. Its great writing weather!

  4. haha you sound like me--yesterday on the way home--i thought two plastic bags on the side of the road were people--:)

  5. We've had crazy weather in Georgia too. Yesterday it was in the 70s and cloudy. Today it's in the 40s and raining. I want summer. :) Love the trash story.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. I'm sayin'...when I tell folks I've brought in wood in shorts and flippies then the temp. falls below freezin' in the same day they look at me like I'm from Mars and not the Ozarks.

    I'm freezin' today. We got ice topped with a little snow but baby it's cold outside today. I'm hunkered down feedin' the fire!

    I'm with ya all the way on the winter thang. I'd much rather have a nice day in the spring than a winter day off before I retired. The students thought I was whacked instead of bein' the unique person I am. Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and put another log on the fire! :o)

  7. Oh, but next July and August when it's so hot, won't you be wishing for some cold weather? Maybe not. But snow days? Gift from God! I guess it's easy for me to talk that way as we have so few of them here in TN.

    I'm glad it turned out to be trash.

  8. Hi Teresa .. you all sound like us Brits - we're the ones with weather fetishes (if that's the right word ... I had to go from Jane Austen to fetish on Wiki - to do a vague check!) ..

    We were due for a white out - there's snow in the north, dusting here ... but gone now - though cold.

    I too really don't like the freezing weather ...

    Now trash in the road - is an indictment on society ... people ... I presume you avoided it?!

    Lovely daughter sounds lovely to obey her beloved mother!!!

    Cheers and have an easier week ... Hilary

  9. See, when they put me in charge of the weather, I will have it snow from December 21 to January 3rd and then warm right up and move on into spring.

    My daughter does a shrieky cry thing when whatever is in the road is bad so I know not to look.

  10. HA! (Well, you TOLD her not to look!)

    The weather here is rainy right now, but the temperatures have been in the seventies. Sure doesn't feel like winter. Um, not that I'm complaining, mind you... but we have a bazillion bugs in Georgia, and we need a decent cold snap to kill some of them.

  11. Trash surely beats a dead thing haha and yeah be glad when the cold is long gone.

  12. We had warmer weather earlier, but now it's close to average for January, I think. I'm so laughing about your 'something big in the road' because my first thought would be 'oh no! someone is making us stop and will hijack us or the car or both!'

  13. It is in the 60's? It might make you feel better to know that winter where I'm from is usually in the below zeroes with highs of ten. *Grin*

    Great story! Made me laugh.

  14. love the cold winter weather.

    your story made me smile.

    have a nice day and keep warm!

    big hugs~

  15. enjoyed this Teresa,
    Good stuff

  16. These are pretty good conversations. I really liked reading them.

  17. It's like you're practicing writing dialog on your blog. Nice job. It's something I don't often do but I should try.

    When it was colder here I was wishing it would snow. Cold in L.A. seems kind of wasted without some strange out-of-the-ordinary phenomena like snow. Now it's getting warmer again. That's good.
    No more running the heat when outside it looks like it should be in the 70's but it's not.

    A Faraway View


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