Random Morsels From My Nearly Recent Life...

 A few weeks ago, my granddaughter stayed the night with me. Earlier, her brothers and I had gone to see a movie that she wouldn't have liked. Since she had been to all age appropriate movies showing at the theaters, we went to a store and bought a Barbie movie that she hadn't seen. While we were there, we strolled through the girl's toy aisle. We discussed just about every doll and toy for girls, that we saw. 
She said things like “I don’t like that doll.” And “Her eyes scare me.” I said things like, “I like that Barbie dress.” And “I’d wear that if I could squeeze into it.” When we got to the end of our window shopping, she said (get ready with your tissue), “You’re the only person who has ever talked to me like this, in a store. I like talking to you.”
Speaking of grandsons (first paragraph). Due to their solid interest in Legos, I wish I'd invented or at least invested in Legos.
I was looking through a drawer, that I don’t often use, and found an old bottle of perfume from Avon. I used to love the scent—a bunch of years ago. As I pulled it out of the drawer, I had that ‘aww’ feeling and, for old time’s sake, sprayed it in the air, then leaned in to take a whiff. Let’s just say, sometimes you shouldn't go home again. Sometimes you  should leave "old times sake" in the drawer. P.S. I had to take a shower to remove the smell of nostalgia.
In Missouri spiders are hanging from the trees again. While mowing, I carry a stick with one hand and drive with the other. This is awkward and probably dangerous.  
That’s all the random morsels that I can muster. Here are questions just for you.
  • Do you have a cologne you used to wear and loved, but now turns your stomach?
  • What toy do you wish you had invented or invested in? 
  • While mowing, would you rather be hit in the face with a spider (hanging from a tree) or a squirrel? My answer is squirrel, but don't let that influence you. 


  1. Hi Teresa .. what a fun post - and so wonderful of your granddaughter ... I love her words as you most obviously do too .. fabulous story.

    Lego is everywhere ... since I wrote about the tube maps .. it is everywhere - they're building a cathedral of it in Durham cathedral .. to raise funds .. Lego is going up in the world - sad we didn't have shares in the company, I agree.

    Spiders from trees ... your mowing habits beggar belief .. especially with your tendencies to mishaps ... take care, take extra care!!!

    Having had a squirrel in the Nursing Centre jumping over the beds of patients before it eventually vanished into the freshness of the great outdoors .. one squirrel v lots of spiders - I might join you in the one squirrel scenario ..

    Good luck with the autumn mowing .. oh I spilt some Estee Lauder in a handbag many years ago .. that would appal me to have it hang around now .. it lasted long enough then!!

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Love this post, Teresa!

    I don't think they probably even sell "Emma" anymore, which was a Laura Ashley perfume when I was in college. And I'm pretty sure Mama threw it all out (ha! She should have!)

    So sweet about your granddaughter! And kind and smart of you to treat her like a friend in the way you were speaking to her. :)

    Spider should *not* dangle! I've walked through 3 webs lately and it freaks me out...

  3. Spiders hanging from trees?!?!?!!? It's pretty safe to say that if I lived there, my lawn would be 3 feet tall and I wouldn't leave the house!!!!!!! That's really sweet what your granddaughter said.

    I've never been a perfume person, but in college I liked the scent called 'sweet innocence'. But really all perfumes and colognes give me a raging headache so I avoid them. Not sure there's a toy I wish I'd invented or invested in, but I sure wish I could go back in time and invest in Apple or Microsoft!!!!!

  4. Such a nice window shopping trip. Barbies are so hip haha Wish I would have invented pokemon, I'd be a billionaire.

  5. You've been hit in the face by a squirrel? That tops anything I've run into while mowing.
    Sounds like you really connected with your granddaughter that day.

  6. I never wore cologne much before I married my present wife who started buying me cologne and aftershave. She loves going to Macy's and always has coupons so periodically she'll buy me a box set, especially if there's a freebie to go with it.

    Grandkids are so wonderful. When my first granddaughter was still living nearby me, she and I would often walk to the shopping center near where I live. She loved strolling through Lowe's to look at the stuff there. After she moved, my daughter said she still likes to go to Lowe's to look around.

    Wrote By Rote

  7. awww that is so sweet about your granddaughter--she will always remember that day---i love your ?s----i don't have a scent that really makes me sick--but lots i wouldn't probably wear today---"youth dew" by ester lauder--i think they have renamed it something asian--it is very intense, spicy and sweet---a scent that always reminds me of the movie "the exorcist" is "charlie"---guess when it came out, that scent was popular and a lot of the audience was wearing it---yeah the toy, question, i will have to give some thought---hands down--a spider---only not one particular kind, i can't even type, because i have a phobia--but with the squirrel, i would be waiting to get rabies :)

  8. So fun, a squirrel hit would be something, all those tiny sharp claws-yikes

  9. I was moved by the story of your grandmother. As for spider of squirrel? I'll take squirrel. Spiders are gross and disgusting and my skin is crawling right now just think about them. I remember the daddy long legs that used to greet me every morning while growing up in Missouri. Here in Georgia, there are wolf spiders everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Can you tell I hate spiders?

  10. I cannot bear the smell of the perfume I wore on my wedding day - I was so nervous, that's the overriding feeling I have when I smell it.

    Squirrels, every time!

  11. I like the phrase "the smell of nostalgia." It certainly can leave a mark on us.

  12. Aloha and thanks for stopping by my blog on 9/11.

    Hmmm, let me think... I don't wear cologne (or perfume:) so I can't compare, and now I wonder why I don't wear the stuff... weird:)

    Rubik's Cube.... 30 years later and I *still* can't solve the puzzle :)

    I'll take the squirrel over the spider *ANY* day :)

  13. We have a vicious spider that lays a web outside our front door every morning. And I'd still take the spider over a squirrel. :)


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