Dear Human Mommy,

Dear, Human Mommy,

I bite you because I love you. I love you because I bite you. I love. I bite. Get use to it.


Millie Vanilli Coltrin
Dear Millie,
I can see that you have made improvement in (not) biting my ankles. However, I need to point out that it seems that you have traded ankle biting for pant leg biting, as well as, my socked feet and they are not steel socks.
I do notice that you ARE using your chew toys more, ¼ of the time. However, try to remember that biting through  socks hurts HM and dragging you along while your jaws hold tight to the hem of my pants can’t possibly be good for your little shark teeth. 
Thanks for the puppy kisses.
Love, Human Mommy  
P.S. I’m wondering, are you related to the Hollywood Roadrunner? This might explain your speed.
I'm finishing up the A-Z this week at The Ruralhood.  Come join me for X, Y and Z. I cheated on X and maybe Y and Z . I don't know yet on Y and Z. I haven't written them.


  1. If it moves, chew it! If it gets in the way, chew it!

  2. Millie is so cute!!

    But those puppy bites do hurt. Glad the chew toys are starting to get some more use, though.

  3. Milli's so CUTE!!!! My two have a stuffed lambchop too. Sorry she's biting you. Or as I call it, 'Nom on Mom.'

  4. And the holes they put in pantlegs! lol. Millie is adorable. I have a little American Cocker Spaniel. What a feisty little biter he is. :-)

  5. Oh, oh! Those little love bites hurt! She's such a cutie, though, I know you'll forgive her. She'll outgrow the biting, hopefully. :)

  6. Millie is so cute how can you refuse her anything.

  7. Cute and funny! (well, not the "Ouch!" part) I love your letters back and forth to each other! :)

  8. lol! very cute and funny! thanks for the laughs!

    happy tuesday~

    i linked to you today!

  9. I still bear the scars of puppy love. They're great reminders of all the joy that guy brought to our home. Looks a if you've got quite a bit of joy in yours.

  10. Ouch! Our dog was six months old when we got her. She was already past that chewing stage. But now I'm not quite as annoyed about her frequent requests to be let outside!

  11. Hi Teresa .. I can feel those teeth and I'm rather a long way away! She is going to have the time of her life with you ... as you are with her ... quite delightful Millie ... enjoy - and see you for X, Y and Z soon ... cheers Hilary

  12. What a cute li'l ankle-biter. May the 4th be with you!


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