Giving Zombies Another Stab

So, I’ve given zombies another stab. No I’m not wielding a sword to slice off their heads or shooting a crossbow arrow into their skulls, I’m watching it again on free TV.  Let me start at the beginning.
A couple of years ago, I “netflixed” season one of THE WALKING DEAD--a show about zombies. I watched a couple of the episodes, but because it was too scary, I sent it back. In the meantime, I didn't forget how I (sort of) enjoyed it. When I found it showing on a local TV channel, I gave it another chance while thinking it wouldn't be as scary.
That's the lie I told myself.
Except for a few challenges, I look forward to watching back to back episodes, once a week of THE WALKING DEAD. One challenge I’ve run into is that when Millie visits the great outdoors for her last toilet run, of the night, I hear the rustlings of a Zombie community in my old (I don’t go in there anymore) shed. Millie looks, too, so I’m sure they are there.
There’s also a problem with family dinners. After we’re finished eating (mostly) my son and I talk zombies along with my sister sometimes. For some reason, this does not encourage the appetites of the others.
But my real observations, on THE WALKING DEAD, has to do with the lifestyle of a typical zombie. Here they are.
  1. Are there no well-dressed zombies? Who decided that zombies have to walk dead in tattered clothing?
  2. Do they ever kiss each other and if so, how to they do this (with those nasty mouths)?
  3. Are there any zombie vegetarians? If so, how does that work? And is my veggie garden in danger?
  4. Finally, did they get the idea of the zombie character's body movement and mood from the non-morning, pre-coffee people (like me)?
I won’t say never, but I’m pretty certain I will not be writing zombie stories. This is mainly because I would have to watch my back the entire time I'm writing, and that would be difficult to do. 
For all you zombies out there here’s my quote for the day, “You’re not really living, until you’re dead.” -T. Powell Coltrin (Unless someone else wrote it.)
From Wikipedia here’s an article on Zombies. It appears the concept of zombies goes way back, before Millie was born.


  1. I'm with you! I tried to watch Walking Dead and saw most of it through my fingers. I'm such a wimp (and easily grossed out, too). I'm actually trying to do a side project that involves zombies, but mine will definitely not be gross. Nor very well-described. :)

  2. Hi Teresa .. I can't do zombies .. and would be less than interested discussing them - just because I'd be bored!! Though taking Millie out at night - I'm sure she's a great watch dog - you'd just need to run faster than she would?! Cheers Hilary

  3. I like your quote!
    Vegetarian zombies. Never thought of that before.

  4. haha love the walking dead and the cat writes without fear. Zombies will never get me and if they do they'll choke on me

  5. I don`t do zombies either.They never seemed quite interesting to me...Phyllis

  6. I'm not quite sure I get this cultural fascination with zombies. There are some people who are truly bracing for a real zombie attack. I assumed the tattered clothes were from the bodies rotting in their graves.

  7. Maybe you do need to write your own take on zombies. I like the genre, but I don't think anyone has done the definitive take on zombies. There's always room for a new interpretation and yours might be exactly what we need.

    Tossing It Out

  8. I love the character build up in The Walking Dead. I never was a zombie person either. But not because I was scared. They are not scary enough for me.

  9. HA! I've tried the Walking Dead and couldn't quite get into it, even though part of me wants to--I love a survival story, as you know. Good point though, about Zombies not keeping up their hygeine... why IS that? Maybe I will give it another shot. I think I need several episodes to sink in.

  10. After a 16 hour, 500 mile day, (which explains my lack of internet presence yesterday), I feel very much like a zombie.

    You think like a Hollywood scripter actually: in DAY OF THE DEAD, a vegetarian soldier who had a crush on his superior officer while alive became a zombie that would not eat humans and took orders from her. Ah, it still didn't end well ... for him.

    There was actually a rom-com zombie movie that you and your son might enjoy: WARM BODIES where love turns a zombie into something more human:

    (After a highly unusual zombie saves a still-living girl from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion events that might transform their entire lifeless world.)

    The 1st 10 minute preview:

    Arlee is right: there is always room for your own distinctive take on zombies.

    For a challenge, I put my Victor Standish at the age of seven with three other young children in a Detroit with nothing but zombies. It was my belief that the humanity, humor, and the compassion under pressure that would make it entertaining. THE RIVAL

    But you can make the zombie genre your own in your own way. Have fun with it! :-)

  11. You are so funny. You're fascinated yet terrified of zombies. Like me and tofu.

  12. Funny post! I'm a diehard Walking Dead fan. Have you ever seen Dawn of the Dead? The day after scene is morning and the neighborhood is empty. When I take my pooches out in the morning, that's one of the first things that comes to mind besides thanking God.

  13. I have never understood the fascination with Zombies. They're ugly and irritating. They're decomposing, how can their brains still work?

  14. I haven't even been brave enough to watch one episode! Far too scary for me - I'm a total wimp :)

  15. I was never into the zombie genre - until this show that is! Wow, it just gets better and better. I mainly like how it's not even really about the's about humanity yin the aftermath of something borderline apocalyptic.

  16. Hi Theresa, I love The Walking Dead. And yes, there are vegetarian zombies. Instead of crying out, "Braaaiiiinnsss" they say, "Graaaiiinnnsss."

  17. You just rang my zombie bell. Big fan, and that's great you're giving TWD another shot. It wasn't until I watched that show that I realized how to go about writing the zombie novel I've always wanted to do. :)

  18. I guess they figure if dead people could walk around, they wouldn't be very animated. I tried to watch The Walking Dead. I made it halfway through episode 2 and couldn't continue. Just way too violent.


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