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B is for:

I couldn’t feature my favorite books, first and last lines, without writing about the Bible. Because I am a Christian who believes in God the Father, Jesus the Son of God (and redeemer), and the Holy Spirit as one, I believe in the word of God, too.
Reading the Bible was a huge part of my upbringing and still is. As a child, scripture was never shoved down my throat or used as a punishment. It was quoted by my maternal grandmother often. When I read and meditate on God's words, I feel his presence. I saw both my grandmothers and mom read their Bibles. I'm sure this inspired me to read my Bible daily, use scripture to help me mend what needs mending and use it to guide me in life.
First Line: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 (NIV)
End Line: “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.” Revelations 22:21 (NIV)
Guess what tomorrow is? C day. It follows B.


  1. When I was little....I'm gonna say 8 or 9....I decided I wanted to read about Noah's Ark. My parents kept their bible on a really high shelf in the office, so I had to kind of climb up on a bookshelf to read it. I grabbed the bible but I lost my balance so both me and it came crashing to the floor. It opened and all the letters I ever wrote to Santa and the Easter Bunny came spilling out on the floor. My mom rushed in to see what happened and I was holding one of my letters, weeping. I was absolutely crushed. Needless to say, that Easter I received 'Children's Stories of the Bible' so that I could read about Noah's Ark.

  2. Amen! I read mine every day. Sadly my parents never read it although they would dump my brother and I off for Sunday school every week.

  3. I read some in sunday school years back

  4. My favorite as well. It has every type of story you want to read in it. People don't even realize that. Loved having you a few places down on the A to Z list so I could find you. Oh, and love the birthday cake photo. :) You look like such a happy and lovely lady.

  5. The best opening and closing liner ever.

  6. When my home burned, losing my mother's Bible with all her notes in the margins hurt the worst.

  7. A marvelous choice! I read my NIV or NAS every evening and listen for God's voice.

  8. A great choice for the letter B.

    ScotSue at: http://scotsue-familyhistoryfun.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Read the whole thing one summer shortly after graduating HS. Man, it was a beast, but certainly worth it. :)

  10. Blessing to you. So many people find comfort within the covers of that book. Others use it to hurt and control.


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