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This is a self pubbed book by my dad. Even though it is (creative) fiction, I know that some of the stories reflect parts of my dad’s boyhood experiences, which helped me understand him better as a man.  

During my youth, I also spent many hours along the Dousinberry Creek, with my dad, my grandfather and a boyfriend. Later I would drive across the bridge (of the creek) to show my fiance where my dad had built his cabin, on the cliff. Later with children in tow, I would show them the place on the hill where my grandparents house once stood.

First Line: “During the afternoon hours of a noteworthy Saturday, in the month of June 1945, two vigilantes slip quietly through a brush thicket, at the base of Brushy Ridge Hill in the Missouri Ozarks.”

End Lines (2): Herschel smiled. “I reckon so. I often wondered about your secret world, what it consisted of.”

“Yeah, Pa, I know you did.”

During the reading of this book, I realized that adulthood isn’t so much the story of our life. It's really before that, as youth, when the bones of our future are formed.


  1. Had to be great to get a glimpse into him, and yep, youth can form us in many ways

  2. Now we know where you get your talent. It sounds like a very involving read. I don't think we fundamentally change much beyond, say, 15.

  3. Hi Teresa .. your Dad's book sounds so interesting .. I love the first opening line - and then the way he finished his book off .. fascinating. I don't think I can remember too much about my youth - but certainly I can relate to certain things that happened that affected life ahead .. Cheers Hilary

  4. Wow. I wonder how much of it is true then?
    Sadly, I have such a bad memory that I've already forgotten most of my story.

  5. You should take a metal detector around the site of the old house. Wonder what you would find!

  6. "When the bones of our future are formed"...lovely way to put it! I'm like to drive my children around towns with family history and point things out to them. Really gives such a nice sense of who we are.

  7. You are so fortunate to have this book/his story.


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