The Ruralhood

Are you caught up with posts from 2018 at The Ruralhood?
  • My reflection on a year in passing since my dad’s death can be found here.
  • One Sunday Morning is here. Prepare yourself for a cute photograph.
  • To Grandmother’s House We Go contains memories stirred from a photo of a road that led to the old home place of my paternal grandparents that I posted on FB. It’s here.
  • When rewriting a story should not be done… can be found here.
If you've already visited, thank you! If not, then get on over there. 😃


  1. Hi Teresa - glad you're back writing posts again .. looking forward to seeing you around .. I'm totally tied up with the A-Z ... but after that - I'll be here! Cheers Hilary

  2. Good to see you in the blogosphere. You have been missed.


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