Wow. Miscommunication is a bother.
Before school ended someone was using a code in a database and said to someone else that I said to use it. First of all, when did I become so important that people actually listen to me? Rhetorical question. Rhetorical question. I am 99.99% sure that I did not say to use that code since I know this particular system like I know my own children. I backed up my defense with facts, but I won’t bother you with them. Maybe the person who said I said to use the code mistook me for the actual person who told them to use it OR I might have nodded when they spoke of using it, but good grief I could have also been nodding at a fly on the wall.

Over the years, I’ve been a part of many miscommunications. It can cause conflict and hurt feelings. Do you know who the worst communicators are? People! Dogs we sort of understand. Cats we had better understand or we’ll be missing a face, but people speak words and other people receive those words entirely different than intended.

Email can be a tool of miscommunication. I've been in that spot, too. 

Social media has way too much communication going on. When people post memes on Facebook (for instance), you might think their entire world is falling apart, but actually they might be worried about something trivial. 

And texting. Don't get me started. First of all, I am a slow texter, seemingly with thick fingers. And what about that autocorrect? Have you ever read those lists of texts that went wrong? Oh my, they send me into hysterics. They are funny. 

So I'm super careful about texting messages because I realize it can go wrong. I did slip up once. It's not hilarious, but it was amusing. Here's how it went. My son  purchased a shiny new pickup and came by the house to show me. During our visit, I told him to text a picture of it to his sister. Later that night, I texted her to see if he’d sent one. (This all sounds very bossy of me, but the grown children expect it.) 

It all started with: Did buddy text you a pic of his new truck?

I saw immediately that autocorrect had changed bubby to buddy. (And, yes, I call my 41 year old son bubby from time to time. Not often, but sometimes. He's my baby, okay?) 

Here’s the whole thing.

Me: Did buddy text you a pic of his new truck?

Me: Bunny

Me: Bubby

Although this mistake was not huge, it was frustrating and caused my daughter to laugh—a lot, and she called me. In her text back she said, “Lololol!!!! Yes, Bunny did.” (She added emoticons.)

I say all of this because when I write stories I want my words to accurately communicate my story to the reader. 

How about you? Have you ever been misunderstood through an email, a text, other? 



  1. Often. I speak cat quite well, but misunderstand (and am misunderstood) when it comes to my own species. Nice to hear of someone else who is a slow texter though.

  2. That sounds like a mess at work! Yes, I've been misunderstood lots of times, ha! And each tech 'language' has its own quirks to learn. I remember my son telling me that I used too many ellipses in texts and not enough emojis and that it always sounded as if I was angry when I texted. I took it to heart and made some changes. :)

  3. Hi Teresa - yes ... I've learnt to clarify myself, rather more often than not probably - particularly when my mother was ill! But autocorrect is a right pain - especially when I know I've typed it the way I want it to be ... and I won't go into more stories just now - communication is a sore point here - but not for the reasons you're mentioning. It was nice to be away briefly ... but it's always good to have a laugh and your daughter gathered what was happening ... take care and have a good week - cheers Hilary

  4. Yep, has happened a time or ten. Stupid autocorrect can sure screw with things. Had one date take something completely the wrong way and not talk to me for a week. Screw that. It ended there lol

  5. I don't text for that very reason. I prefer a real voice from a real person. :-) I believe social media is causing our ability to communicate one-on-one to atrophy. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Oh , yes, I have been part of many miscommunications through email with people I was working with, even despite my best effort to be clear and create a nice tone and use the right words. That's one reason why I barely text.


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