Heat Stroke

July 31 I have always been a driven fool when I work outside or inside for that matter. I am fair skinned both parents Irish decent one dark hair – olive skin- the other red haired fair skinned. Although I tan really well, I inherited the fair skin and reddish hair. I really don’t think my hair is reddish any longer, but who would know, I haven’t seen my natural color since 2004. Anyhoo, being outside in the heat is exhausting. Today I read a blurb in Woman’s World August 10, 2009 issue about avoiding a heat stroke and the danger signs of. Let’s see if the other day, when I was finishing a project out of doors, if I actually should have come in the house earlier: Here is the checklist: Warning Signs of Heat Stroke by Woman's World Magazine 1. Skin that is hot or red (Yes indeedy) 2. Abdominal and or muscle cramps (ditto) 3. Heavy sweating or lack of sweating (Does washing down over my and saturating my top count?) 4. Headache (Yep) 5. Dizziness or nausea (Uh huh) So there you have I was overheating. If this happens, the sidebar read, you must “Seek emergency help. . . .” My thoughts to prevent this are: • Don’t pick the hottest day of the year to work or play outside. • Drink Drink Drink – water – prior and after • Work in the shade • Wear a hat or a cap– There are cool hats to wear out there –yes there are. • Wear sunscreen – doesn’t help keep you cool or hydrated but is essential. That’s all I can think of, but I am sure there are others. So stay out of the heat!!


  1. First time I've read this - a great first post for your (now successful) blog after 3 years!
    Living as I do now in Greece and being British, I too was guilty, initially, of not heeding their mid-day sun routine - siestas!

    Now I drink, drink, drink water until I pee all the time (which can be a pain, given I'm a teacher and telling my kids to wait till break to go to the loo - I must heed my own advice!).

    They say "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun" and it's true - you should SEE the tourists looking like lobsters here in the summer - it's dangerous, and they are silly.

    Thanks for reminding me of my first sun worshipping days.



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