Letting Go

Journaling Woman's youngest child, Dr. Lovely Daughter, came to visit today. So there is less blogging tonight, and more time spent catching up with DLD.

So I found this photo and it has reminded me of some letting go I have had to do.

This is Journaling Woman a few years ago. Since then, I had to let go of the hair that was seriously long enough to tuck into my jeans. It was a major headache to care for and launder.

This picture also represents a very sad time in my life. I had to let go of a lifestyle, of dreams, of people. I like me much better now and life could not be one morsel better.

Since this picture, I have let go of some youth, my looks, my hair color (Courtney, what's my hair color?). Don't feel sorry. It's OK really; it's a part of living.

I let go of the Country Blue wallpaper in the background. (Do I hear my #1 Racer Son and Dr. Lovely Daughter cheering?)

I had let go of food (not good) and lost too much weight. So I let go of the pain and gained freedom. Don't cry for me. I'm OK.

But the thing I miss most when I look at this picture, that I finally had to let go of, is the sweatshirt. This wonderful sweatshirt was a gift from me to #1 Racer Son. I was so happy when he decided he no longer wanted to wear it. Or did I take it back before he wore it? I seem to have let go of my memory, too. Anyhoo, by the time I was forced to retire this wonderful piece of comfortable clothing it had only a few holes in the front and looked a little ragged. (My opinion not the opinion of "others".) I came to depend on its comfort and it's versatility. I could it wear it by day and then to bed at night. Aw warm fuzzy memories. But one day, someone close to me convinced Journaling Woman to kiss it goodbye, forever. Now, that is something to cry about. Go ahead have a good cry.


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