Meet The Pigs

Let me introduce to you -The Pigs and share with you another of my treasures, my pig collection. In the past, I collected glass pigs. I have since closed the door on new additions, but have kept many of them. These are those that I have sitting atop my old pie safe.

Aren't they a lovely bunch?

So let's look at them up close and personal.

This is the king -the ruler and probably my favorite. (shh don't tell) He is a cookie jar. I bought him at a yard sale out in the country around 25 years ago. I gave $3.50 for him. There was another jar and I kick myself everyday for not buying the additional jar (and for other things). But I thought the one I bought was something I didn't need and I certainly didn't need two of them. I am not sure if this is a Shawnee jar. It has USA stamped on the bottom. He looks like those I have found in my research and they were Shawnee cookie jars.

Here are the couples and they have attitudes. They are a prideful bunch often flaunting their coupling. (They are also salt and pepper shakers.)

This is another couple, a creamer and sugar set. The sugar bowl on the right may have had a lid at one time.

These are my some of my singles. An odd group wouldn't you say. But I love their glassy personalities.

Then there is Blue Boy who will not keep his finger out of his mouth no matter what I say. He may be my second favorite (again shhh).

Sorry this is blurry, but every photo and retake I took of this group came out blurry, so I gave up. Hmm. These farm piggies came from a certain Shepherdess.

This little piggy went to the market. Just kidding. She is a bank.

You can see the slot on her head. Ouch!

Then there has to be a joker in every group. And here she is.

May I introduce to you, Miss Piggy.
(compliments of Angel Mom and Artsy Dad)

Many of my pigs were given to me by my folks and other family members. My parents found many of them while shopping for the flea market they use to own. Of course I don't know you, but YOU would have liked their flea market.



  1. I think the proper terminology would be have closed the 'gate' on new additions. After all these are pigs we are talking about.... :-0


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