A Poem

Poem by JW that she forgot she had written.

Help Me Jesus

Help me Jesus,
To break the chains,
And drop the mask,
Stop self-pity,
Confront the past –grow in faith.

Help me Jesus,
Release the pain,
Destroy the lies,
Face the shame,
Determine my life –grow in peace.

Help me Jesus,
When anger seems,
To pull me back,
Keep me captive,
In the past –grow in hope.

Help me Jesus,
Embrace my journey,
And grow strong,
Be authentic,
Forget who’s wrong –grow in joy.

Help me Jesus,
See all the good,
You do in me,
Praise your name,
In all I see –grow in love.

Help me Jesus,
To share your love,
With those in need,
Grow in grace,
Always believe –in You.

August, 2005


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