Journaling Woman went to work today; her third day back after a long vacation. Working for a school district has it perks. Yesterday, I had relevance issues. You know "nobody likes, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms" attitude. So I prayed to God to stop me from feeling that way and also complained to my daughter (not God) about my relevance in the work force. Be careful what you asked for- make sure it is a good thing because today, I was relevant to many many people. It did take a few people saying how I help them, how I was wonderful (yes they did say that, are you doubting me?) before I got it. I finally said aloud to my wonderful God, "I get it, I get it". I am telling you that one gal said she would make me a homemade pie. I told her "no, it's my job to help you, but if you really really want to well . . . . "

The day went well for Journaling Woman. No trips, embarrassing moments or tears. No cursing, wishing harm or road rage. All in all, a good day. Good night.

PS Just a thought. Sisters should not take in stray cats that are pregnant. Because when the kittens are born, Journaling Woman would like all 6 please. Now -Goodnight.


  1. You stinkwad! How long did you think you could hide this blog from me???? Obviously I'm not on my game, or I would have discovered it earlier... Anyhoo...neat blog! I like it. And, I'll be delivering your kittens in, oh, about eight weeks?? Also I want to point out it wasn't ME that took in the preggie cat first. It was your MOM!


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