Saturday Work

Today was a hot dusty day and a busy Saturday in Journaling Woman’s part of the country. Today Dr. Lovely Daughter and I started packing up her house so she can move at the end of this month. Journaling Woman had errands to run in her tiny town before heading out to another tiny town where Dr. Lovely Daughter lives. But first things first. School shoes! First on the list was to visit #1 Racer Son. Wanting to “help out”, I gave the grandkids money for school shoes. I must admit that Journaling Woman’s grandkids are pretty darn perfect and cute. But I would expect nothing less out of my Begotten’s children. I got plenty of hugs and kisses from said grandkids, #1 Serious Grandson (9 years old), #2 Car Crazy GS (7 years old) and last but never least the Princess Granddaughter (5 years old). Sweet Daughter-In-Law has poison Ivy. She feels badly. She really knows better than to putter in her yard when PI lurks. Poor Sweet DIL.

What I always learn or remember about myself during times of packing, cleaning or organizing are:
1.I am bossy
2.Everyone knows I am bossy
3.Family will say I am bossy
4.I take it well but vow secretly to never stop bossing
5.Family could not get by without JW’s bossing no matter what they say.
6.My bossiness is being handed down- yes indeedy
7.First bossy to inherit is Dr. Lovely Daughter – Yes I said it out loud for the world to hear
8.Second in line for this valuable commodity is Princess Granddaughter – but hers looks cuter than mine – I mean come on she’s five.

Something else new happen today; Journaling Woman’s Shepherdess Sister brought home a new addition to her family, a new collie. So very pretty she is – the dog (my sister too). There will be adjustments but great happiness and wonderful experiences to live with the new one. Parents of JW also got a new dog from a kill shelter. She was only days away from – well you know. All of this doggy stuff makes Journaling Woman want another doggy herself, she misses Suki Aki – her boxer. But The China Cat says a resounding NO.

Pictures I did not get of Packing Day #1:

  • Dr. Lovely Daughter, since she hadn’t dressed up and frowned when I pointed the camera at her.
  • And did not get a photo of (on the way home) a startled Doe Deer just a few seconds away from being up close and personal with JW’s car. Journaling Woman was a bit like a deer in the headlight herself.

This is Dr. Lovely Daughter's kitchen in disarray. But Journaling Woman did not leave it that way. In fact most of the kitchen is now packed in boxes.

This is Dr. Lovely Daughter’s –Lovely Kitty who wanted to be in everything today.

And finally me, Journaling Woman, in ponytail and work clothes – working hard. Can you tell? Not a pretty picture.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. What do you mean that Dr. Lovely Daughter is bossy???? :P

  2. I can vouch for that hereditary chain of bossiness...oh yes I can. Sure glad I'm not like that! :-)


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