if i had tatoos, i think they would be blue and white. . .

...because I truly love blue and white together.

Here are a few of my favorite blue and whites in my spaces.

I have many plates....mostly blue and white, but this one is my favorite. I think anyway....

My messy pie safe and some Blue Willow ware. Wait....those are my favorite.

Then there is my mantle. I really love my checkered plate and bowl. I am so confused....on which are my favorites.

I wanted blue and white curtains and found these.

Dining Room

....one of two lamps on my buffet


Three plates on a wall...

but one is red. For sure it's my favorite red and white plate. I am absolutely sure on that one. It's the only one I own.

One of my spare bedrooms

I found this fabric and then felt obligated to make curtains.

Then my friend who is a master with thread made this tissue holder for me.

Sitting Room/Library

A tiny tea set

Blue and White!


  1. all of them look perfect but i loved most tiny tea set and lamp and i think u are a tasteful woman((:

  2. A most awesome tribute to red, white and blue. Love the tiny tea set. Ya have a very relaxing and blessed weekend!!!

  3. Blue and white has to be one of the most wonderful colour combinations - love your collection. Leigh


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