It's done, It's finished.

It is this time of year... as fall begins to wiggle in, that I begin thinking of...cups of hot cocoa... of being warm...of crocheting again.

The days get cooler.

Ok not that cool - yet

But, I think about yarn, that wonderful fiber. No wonder my sister chose to raise sheep. Sheep must be very happy critters wrapped in that wonderful fiber...well except for summertime...and maybe rainy days.

It is this time of year, I look for my yarn stash, but am never satisfied... with the remnants.

So I look and purchase new yarn...lovely yarn...from various stores. beautiful untouched yarn. Yarn that whispers make me...make me into something beautiful. Yes, I agree that is corny.

This year I had something already started from last year. Normally, I make things and give them away, but last year I decided I needed an afghan in a shade of green that matches the bits of green in my bedroom. It doesn't normally take me this long to finish an afghan. Why did it take so long, you might ask? Am I a beginner? Am I a perfectionist? NO...well yes I am a perfectionist, but that has nothing to do with this story. It took me this long because after I started making my afghan, I stopped and tucked it away (in October 2008) to make a Christmas afghan for my neighbor. And then I didn't pick mine back up until a month ago. I actually forgot about it.

But now, it's done. It's finished!!!

So I thought I would share. And here it is. A lacy, warm afghan in the color Frosty Green #0661. Off the top of my head, I can remember making this in off white, white, tan with speckles, pink (for a darling niece) and now green.

I found this pattern on a yarn package about 5 or 6 years ago.
It has an open lacy look, but still keeps you warm.

If you would like to make one from this pattern, here it is. The directions are hard to see, so if you email me I will send you a copy that will (hopefully) print.

I don't know why I wrote "5 skeins" on the pattern because it takes around six. And IF you use a size J crochet hook as indicated, the afghan is larger than the estimated dimensions stated. So I used an H hook for all but one afghan.

So now I am ready. I have my new afghan draped over the chair in my bedroom. Where is that book I have been meaning to read?
I am wondering, do you like to crochet with plastic, wood or metal hooks? And do you have a favorite size?

Brrrr is that a cool breeze I feel?


  1. Uhmmm...excuse me. But who is the green lover in this family? And would that not look very beautiful with MY pink chair? AND another thing...the Sheep want to know why you aren't using wool yarn?
    Your loving sister.

  2. i think it looks so beautiful i wish i was as talented as u take care


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