Ode to the Radio

Will you sing me a song, while I dance to your tune?

Sometimes we hurry through our days and worlds and neglect to see the treasures around us. But then a sweet nearly eight-year-old grandson asks, "Do you dance to music on that old radio?" And he reminds you of the treasures right in front of you. I said, "I would if it worked and I would dance with you."

(P.S. He is the grandson that said to me not long ago, "When I grow up and am a lot - lot older and when you have died, I will bring out every picture I have of you and put them all over my house so that I won't forget you." I still tear up over that one. Wait while I blow my nose, please.)

Here are the antique radios that I own... not many... but a few. I wish I knew their stories.

I wonder who has danced to this RCA Victor's beautiful sound?

RCA Victor

Did someone listen to the war news on this tabletop Crosley radio, while thinking of their loved one who was serving?

Can't you hear the baseball game on this General Electric model?

Did sweethearts gazed into each other's eyes while listening to music on this combo music maker?

They had choices to make. Would they listen to the radio?


play a record on the turntable.

Sharing treasures and reminding you my fellow Journalers to notice your treasures again.

Need more info on old radios?


  1. These beautiful old radios really are from another time and place - you're right, wouldn't it be wonderful if they could tell us their stories! Leigh

  2. What wonderful treasures you have in those old radios and the dreams of what happened to those who were listening.

    I love your grandsons comments. Dance with him when ya can. My 14yr. old doesn't want to dance with Grandma anymore, the hormones are a kickin' in! The younger ones still enjoy spin with this rockin' grandma. I have eight grannies.

    Have a fantastic weekend enjoying your treasures and their memories. God Bless

  3. these radios are great and so valuable i am sure that they hide a lot of traces about past

  4. Leigh- It would be great if they would tell me their stories, just not late at night nor when I'm alone. :)

    Nezzy, I soak in every moment with those sweeties.

    Tugce- You're right, I am fortunate to have these "traces" of the past.

    Blessings - Teresa


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