Stress Rears Its Ugly Head

Yesterday, I visited the doctor.


Blood workup (had to Fast)
renew a script
address an ongoing issue

What issue you ask? I will tell you and hope I don't gross you out. Consider yourself warned.

Michelle the nurse is an expert. She knows how to fish for my floating veins with little bruising or pain. So, she drew my blood. Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three vials full. One for non-clotting, one for clotting, the other I don't remember why.

Did you know there is a shortage of physicians in rural America? Well there is, and so we have another new doctor. He taps on the door and walks in. He greets me hand extended. Is he 20, I thought feeling very old. Yep, there he was, a very tall good looking young doctor (who reminds me of my handsome brother). But what about his being 20 years old?

That brings me to the "issue". My digestive system is royally messed up. And the stress of my job right now is not helping. So here's a snapshot of the conversation between doctor and patient.

"Besides the blood work and renewing your prescription, why are here?" the doctor asked.

"Well, I've had a problem for weeks now." I paused. "And I am not getting any better."

He waits, nodding.

"Um.. loose stools, and a gurgling gut- and pain." I whispered.


"I don't like to say that word." I smile. (Hey, don't call me a prude! Sometime, I will share my list of words that I don't like to say and don't know why either.)

"I'm use to it." he said.

"Your line of work?" I said in jest.

He nods. "Tell me what's been going on."

So I told him how I can't eat much of anything and how the stress at work is making it worse. I told him that this whole thing is draining me.

He chuckled. (I think it was my honest use of "draining me") "How long have you felt this way?"

"Do you mind if I read from my list?" I said while pulling out a large piece of notebook paper.

"No." he grinned and then rolls over to me on his dr. stool and looks at my list. "Wow, I'm not sure I have allowed enough time for your list."

So I read my list.
  1. It started about three weeks
  2. I ate a sandwich (only part of it) and felt like it might have been spoiled.
  3. After that lots of cramping
  4. Little or no appetite
  5. Work is stressful
  6. Ate bland food to soothe the beast
  7. Tried over the counter meds
  8. No changes
  9. Did I mention work is too stressful?

He addresses the items on my list. He prescribes medication. He punches my stomach (not really just felt my stomach). Then he says, "What's next on your list. "

I say, "That's it. I just needed help remembering the particulars."

"This is what we are going to do, (meaning me, not we). I don't think it was what you ate. I want you to take a prescription I am going to write you and come back in 4-6 weeks." He paused, "And if the medication doesn't work, in the meantime, I want you to bring in a stool sample."

I said absolutely nothing for at least thirty seconds. I just stared. "What?" I finally said.

"I know it doesn't sound pleasant, but if nothing changes, I want you to bring in a sample." He said, "I'll send in Michelle with a kit."

Then we shook hands again and he left the room.

Enters Michelle the nurse "The doctor wants you to collect a stool sample. I have brought you what you need to collect it."

My head is spinning (not Exorcist spin just mental spinning) and all the while I am demanding, in my spinning head, for my intestines to heal immediately.

Michelle tells me how much of the sample needs to be in the vials and emphasizes how I need to write my name and date of collection on each vial.

I looked her in the eye and said, "Really, to that line aye?"
"And this is the hat." Seriously folks she called it a hat,but it looks like a large tray. "This is used to collect a sample in. Be sure to line it with plastic for easy cleaning."

"You want this back?"

She laughed then said, "Nope, it's all yours. Just in case you need to collect more than one time. And here is a handful of tongue depressors. They're not just for tongues anymore." She smiled.

Seriously, does everyone think they are a comedian?

"I will put everything in this bag for you."

"Good," I say, "I do have my dignity to consider."

Then I left carrying my bag of goodies.

Stress... I am pretty sure is my enemy.


  1.! You did warn us. Who knew one could laugh so hard reading about stool samples? HaaaHeeeeHaaa!

    Seriously, I do pray they find the cause of your problem and the meds help. My dad suffered for years and I inherited his IBS. When I added acidophiles tablets to my diet the problem cleared up. Guess my house wasn't the only thing I kept too clean. LOL I needed more good bacteria in my gut.

    Have a good day and b-R-e-A-t-H-e!!!

  2. thanks Nezzy,
    I have tried Acidophilus supplements. Somtimes they help and sometimes not. This time- not.

    Can you tell I'm a type A too?



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