Approaching 100...

You didn't really think I'm approaching 100 did you? OK, whew! No it's the post I'm talking about.

It is true I caught the blogging bug in July of this year.

I saw a shrink (my daughter) for help, because I'm obsessed with blogging. She just said, "I told you so."

I prayed for deliverance. But God seems to have bigger fish to fry.

So I have accepted that I enjoy this time consuming, thought provoking, but delightful new obsession. I can't and refuse to be cured.

I love blogging as much as a warm summer day, a good cup of coffee or a kiss.

I love blogging more than taking my vitamins, my job, or cleaning toilets.

I don't love blogging more than my soul, my family or my health. (Just thought I would make that clear to family and friends,just in case they are entertaining the idea of hiding my computer.)

What will I give away? Well, it WON'T be money.

No not money.

It WON'T be a diamond!

It WON'T be a sailboat!

It WON'T be love (I'm not that kind of girl).

It's nothing to write home about (clue) and dear to my heart (clue). Just stay tuned. You might want to enter. You might like it.


  1. Dear JW....having read your blogs now for the last few months, I've never been disappointed in your varied with your many interests, your faith, family, pets, compassion, sense of humour,style, sometimes a sense of doubt within yourself.....all written in your inimitable way, which lifts my day. I'm glad you've got the blogging bug...keep going girl!

  2. Thank you White Dove, I love reading yours. You inspire me. I do love blogging. I think it might be a window to my soul, for better or worse. Good to hear from you.

  3. following ur blog enable me to feel better, i have learnt a lot from u thanks a lot and keep blogging coz i like reading ur posts take care

  4. Thank you, Tugce,I appreciate your thoughts. Writing is therapy for me. If what I write can entertain or even help, I'm all for that. Have a great day.

  5. I love checking in with your posts, and I love your really insightful comments on my blog. I'm addicted, too! :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. It's amazing how something so "virtual" can be so inspiring, so moving. I always enjoy stopping by here for a visit, congrats on your upcoming 100th! Happy blogging to you ...

  7. I started blogging at the end of July after my poor blog languished forgotten for almost 2 months. I love the interaction and reading other people's perspectives. I find it interesting how many regular bloggers are women. Hmmmm.


  8. I totally understand. I too have been bitten by the smitten blogin' bug. I'm spending waaaay to much time at it but Lord, I just can't help myself!

    I love reading your blog it never fails to engulf me. Ya know how we all love a giveaway with great anticipation.

    Have a terrific day filled with the blessings of God!!!

  9. Elizabeth, It's nice to have blog addict friends. If this is the worst addiction I ever have, then I'm happy with it. I love your informative blog. Thanks for stopping in.

    Joanne, What's amazing is once I start following a certain blog I feel connected to that person. I get great informaion from your blog as well as entertainment.

    Nezzy, Yes bitten like a bug, that's what has happened. And please don't cure me. :)

    Thanks to you all for coming by. I wish I could offer you a cup of tea.

  10. Elspeth, It IS amazing how many regular women bloggers there are. We women have more to say, more to share, just more...than men.

  11. I've been bitten, too. I love how blogging has changed my life. Due to health problems, I was spending way too much time hanging around the house, rarely going anywhere. I've found that I feel a lot better after getting out in the world, even if it's for just an hour. Seems to clear the cobwebs on a bad day!

  12. I agree Mattenylou it gives us another avenue to travel in life. And I am looking around more at my find potential blogging stories.

  13. blogging has helped me gain some freedom to face some things in my life and it's connected me with some amazing people, one of whom has become a very close friend, living in the same city as me. Sarah

  14. Hi, Sarah, thanks for stopping by. Yes, blogging is such a release and when I blog I have wonderful people supporting me through their words. And we are not strangers but instead friends who finally found each other.

  15. Yes, bloggins is addictive and pleasurable in its own way. Congratulations on your 100th.


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