I have owned this chest for over 25 years. As you know I play favorites (NOT with my children) but with Friday being my favorite day, Cherry Mash being my favorite candy bar and this chest. The chest is made of real wood. It's a plain and simple piece of furniture and one of my favorites.

Have I told you that until a few years ago I called this a chester drawers. No one bothered to tell me I was wrong. They just let me do it. Maybe it is a cultural thing --phrase. Did you know chester drawers is among the 100 most often mispronounced phrases? Sometimes you get something in your child brain and it keeps on going like that bunny who is overly energized. But I digress.

Again, this is the chest. Sorry about the glare or orb in the photo, whichever you would like it to be.

Anyhoo, I saw these knobs at Hobby Lobby (a craft store from heaven for those of you who might wonder) and they were on sale.

The price tag was $2.99 each, BUT they were 50% off. So I really got two for $2.99 plus tax. But they only had two like this. I bought them and wondered on the way home what I would do with them. Then I remembered an article I had read where the room designer changed out only the top drawer knobs.

So I tried it. I put two white porcelain knobs on the top drawer. I think it looked better in the article. I will look at it for a few days and then probably change it back. Somehow, it is assaulting my obsessive/convulsive (compulsive) disorder.

Excuse me while I exit and enter the room a few times to test my like and dislike of said knobs. It usually takes about 100 times of looking at it, before I decide my preference.

While I am testing it, what do you think about trying something out of the ordinary? Is your style more trendy or more classic? Or does it just depend on the day?


  1. I think the originals look best!
    I called them chester drawers too instead of Chest of drawers. It's a southern thing like winder instead of window! HA!

  2. Carol, That makes me feel better. And it may be a cultural phrase. (shhh, I still say chester drawers.) Yep, I don't think these knobs will grow on me at all. Of course I have only gone in and out of the room 25 times thus far.

  3. I'd never heard that, Chester Drawers! I think I like the original knobs better, too. Or maybe something in a softer shade? I'm definitely classic with style, with a splash of trend thrown in for effect. Oh and I laughed at your walking in and out of the room time and time again, studying the chester drawers. Have so been there, done that :)

  4. Joanne, It is funny, when I get something new or do something different my daughter almost always tells me, "You have give it time so you can get use to it, you know that." How come she got the voice of reason?? Yes, I think I will be returning IT to its plain state.

  5. Nice chest of drawers...I love real wood that's been handcrafted, not just stapled together with a lick of glue and some cheap ply..

    I have to admit, I don't mind the new knobs, but not just on the top drawer. They look out of place to me.

    But hey, variety's the spice of life, right?


  6. I loike the original knobs on your chest...I call it a "dresser" but I have a NY
    I enjoyed visiting your blog today...I want to know th e end of the muystery story

  7. Interesting foray into childhood word manipulation.

  8. Hi, Lesley, me too on real wood. I like the knobs, but they are out of place on the chest.

    Welcome Pat, I can almost hear your accent. Now, try saying chester draws- with a little drawl. :)

    Hello, Lakeviewer, I think it's funny when I have done something or said something all my life and suddenly realized that I had never questioned it.

    FYI: I do not like the new knobs on the old chest and have put back the old knobs. There is singing and dancing in the knob world, due to my new decision. If I walk past it 200 times this girl would not like it.

    I love the new knobs, now what to do with them…maybe a new collection. I wonder if I can display them in a glass container with other pretty knobs. hmmm

  9. Stunning piece, it would be my favorite too.

  10. I'd never heard of "chester drawers" and I love it! I think I will call mine chester drawers too from now on!


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