Goodbye, China

China was a wonderful sweet cat. Yesterday, she died. I miss her. She was eleven years old.

She was born here on the banana plantation. (ok it's not a plantation.)

Then she was invited to live in the house with her older sister, Chloe'. China said, "Yes."

China as a kitten

She was the absolute sweetest cat. Not a mean bone in her body.

Loved to have her tummy rubbed. And I couldn't resist.

She loved laying on any kind of paper, magazines and newspapers that I left on the floor.

She loved sleeping under tables.

I told her goodbye and to go find her sister, Chloe in heaven...oh and not to quarrel. They did quarrel with each other.

Goodbye, China, I love you and will miss your quacky meow and your brilliant white belly and your ability to catch a fly in mid-flight.



  1. What a sad, sad day it is when we say goodbye to our beloved pets. It's good you were there to comfort her at the end, to be connected with her at that time. Their love really adds a beautiful dimension to our days, doesn't it?

  2. Thanks, Joanne, for your comforting words. I just hate feeling like this. This too shall pass.

  3. Sorry sis, I know how hard it is, and you are in my thoughts right now. I'll miss her too, she was always so friendly. Once in awhile she'd squeak over and let me pet her, and then look surprised at who it was. She'd still let me pet her though. One of the very few cats in this family that would..... ;-) Take care of yourself. China had a lovely life with you.

  4. i am so sorry i know it is so hard but i am sure that this lovely cat had a peaceful life thanks to u

  5. Thanks little sis, She did like you, and that is important to our fam, that all animals like us. Otherwise how can we be the dog and cat whisperers of the world?

    Tugce, I am hoping I gave her a good life. thanks for your kind words.

  6. Having been through this myself a few times now JW, I really, really feel for you.

    My thoughts are with you and remember, China will be having an absolute ball in critter heaven

  7. Thank you Lesley,

    If I just wouldn't get attached... but then what fun would that be.

    China is better off not being in pain. Hey, thanks for stopping by.



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