Have I told you lately?

Dear Blogger Friends and Family,

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Is it too fast, too reckless since we are in the spring of our relationship? No! There is a measure of love and you do matter to me.

I love to write. I love to read what you write. I so appreciate you reading my posts and commenting.

Your words inspire me,
your words encourage me,
and your words teach me.

If you think your opinions don't matter, then you would be wrong (just this once). Your words matter!!!

So for my Monday rambling, I want to say I appreciate you. If you feel like it, share with me (lover of words) your thoughts on this: What do you think the impact of words (from a stranger or a person you know) have on your heart, mind and soul?

May your Monday be awesome and blessed.

Love, JW


  1. I so agree with you. The nice comments from others can so brighten a day. We all need a compliment once in a while.

    That old saying, "sticks and stones... etc", is so untrue, those words do hurt and are often hard to forget if we dwell on them.

    At this point in my life, I'm a lot more careful of what I say to others, it's just not worth the risk of offending. Who needs an argument over nothing?

    Be Happy, that's my theme song!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with you, the blogging connections are almost like a new kind of neighbor, meeting over a virtual backyard fence. As for the impact of words? I do think that every one matters, every one counts. They are a very powerful treasure to us all.

  3. i completely agree with u all of the comments are so important for me we can only try to know each other from our writings but words are the indicator of our personalities everyday i hopefully wait for nice comments and all of them encourage me to write sth and to improve myself about writing also u are one of the people whose comments and advices always matter take caree

  4. Any connection we make should be cherished, and I so appreciate everyone that I've met through the internet. Writing can be a very isolating life and knowing there are others out there can be a huge comfort. Reading other blogs or comments on my own is a way of saying 'hi there' to others around the world.

    So, from me to you; hi there!


  5. Mattenylou, I might say words don't hurt, but I would be lying. :) You're right, just thinking before we say something could spare feelings.

    Joanne, Until I began blogging this last July I had no idea that I would have blogging friends or I that I would look so forward to reading the posts of others.

    Tugce, We ARE getting to know each other through our words...how exciting.

    Elspeth, Hi there back. You know part of this new connection is that I learn from you all...strangers but are we really?

    Thanks to you all for coming by and helping me learn more about myself.

  6. Words can be really powerful...to hurt us and to give us support. As a blogger, I love the support and fellowship I get from other writers...like you!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  7. Lakeviewer: You are welcome.

    Elizabeth: I hadn't thought of it like that, a "fellowship" through words.

    thank you both for stopping by.


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