If Thursday were a woman

If Thursday were a woman she would be quiet and unassuming. If she were a character in my book, I would describe her like this.

Thursday is one of seven children who came from a good home. She didn’t know a confused or abused childhood, nor privileged or entitled. It was just good. She got excellent grades in school, always kept curfew and was kind to those she met.

But, even though Thursday plays by the rules, she can’t control the world around her and like everyone else experiences her own suffering.

Thursday is not the first child …in birth order… that everyone dotes on. She isn’t the last child whom everyone coddles and spoils. She isn’t even the favorite child that everyone is eager to see. But, there are no hard feelings against her, well except for those who relate her to unforgiving days. No, Thursday is… just who she is…third from the last…unassuming, but a part of a structure.

Try as she may to be popular by her accomplishments, Thursday often feels overlooked, under appreciated and rushed over…to get to her well-liked and fun loving brother... Friday.

What do you have to add to Thursday's description. What does she look like? Does she have friends? What are her dreams? Flaws?


  1. I'll never look at Thursday the same way again. ;-]

  2. You're welcome, or I am sorry. Either way- thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. :)

  3. Hm, when I first started reading this, I thought "Thursday's a middle child." Yes indeed, she is. I admire her quiet life, she seems very tuned in to her heart, true to herself.

  4. I like this series you're doing! Good way to fire up the brain cells.

    I'd say that Thursday is optimistic. Because I'm optimistic on Thursdays..looking to the future.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Wow, now you've got me thinking...

    I bet she's best friends with Miss Tuesday, going along in life quietly, here and there having an unexpected, unplanned celebration that always turns into a great party, leaving her siblings with some wonderful memories.

  6. I am entertained by all of your comments and appreciate them.

  7. I came in from Carol's blog, interested by the title. Now, I discover you like black olive pizzas. I think I'll hang out a bit.

  8. Here from Carol's.

    Loved this!

  9. Lakeviewer- Welcome. Sit back and relax and I will find us some black olives to munch on.

    TTWC- Also, welcom, please read away and come back again.


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