Mondays make me ramble...

Monday makes me MAD, a little insane. It makes me blurt out nonsense and ramblings that I will not be responsible for, so here I go.

If you love dogs and want to witness the loyalty of a pet, give a few minutes of your waking hours and watch this wonderful story that aired on Sunday Morning (CBS) my very favorite TV show. Get your "bless yous" ready (what my granddaughter use to call tissues).;contentBody

Also, on Sunday Morning was a segment on rock skipping and the competition thereof. This reminded me of when you grow up country you have all kinds of places to play, rivers and creeks included. A couple of things I stayed clear of, when playing in the water, were the water skaters (looked like spiders to me and you know how I feel about spiders) and the crawdads (also called crayfish). The skaters did nothing to me, but the crawdads would chase my bare feet...if they were in a bad mood...and they were always in a bad mood. Much much later, I found out that people actually eat these little beggars. Had I known that, I would have shouted this information to those river bullies and watched them faint. (side note: I love lobster, but can't bring myself to eat crayfish.)

Mom and dad showed us how to skip rocks. My mom would show us how she could skip a rock far out into the river. It makes sense that she was good at this, she had been the softball pitcher for her high school team. She had a good arm on her. We would find flat smooth rocks and not too big for our hands. She showed us how to position the rock between our crooked forefinger and thumb. Then we were to pull back our arms like human sling shots and let them sail across the water. Mom's rock would sail skimming the surface before giving into the depths of the water. My brother's and my rocks...not so much... just plopped and sank. Fun times.

Rocks that are flat (seen on the right) are better than lumpy rocks (left). They need to be able to skim the water. So the flatter and smoother the better the scooting across the water.
What did you play as a child, that kiddos rarely do now?
Happy Monday!


  1. When I lived in Tennessee, I always watched this show. I have no idea why, but our local CBS station here does not carry this program! I always loved this show!

  2. Your mom sounds like a treasure! Not too many moms skipping rocks out there.

    I used to play Pooh Sticks, just like Piglet, Pooh, and Christopher Robin. I made my children play with me, years ago. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Carol, I am not sure why that show appeals to me, but it does.

    Elizabeth, My mom is a treasure. Both parents are keepers.

    Thank you both for coming by.


  4. We always had stilts when we were kids. Dad made us the wooden ones, but we also made another kind, with big tin cans and string handles.

    It's been a long time since I've seen any kids on stilts, I wonder if they know what they are?

  5. Stilts always look like fun. I thought about getting my kids pogo sticks but then I thoughtagain... about the dr. bills.



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