Orange Bubbly

Good things come in the color orange.

Pumpkins, oranges, flowers, autumn trees, soft drinks...

I hope I am cowboy enough to drink this, Partner.

Something else that comes in the color

A gift from Dr. Lovely Daughter. She was trying to make me feel better.

She succeeded.


  1. I love Orange Cream Soda! GOOD DAUGHTER !!! :)

  2. Isn't she?? I have drank one bottle so far and all I have to say is Yummm!

  3. Hi Journaling Woman, Just wanted to thank you for thinking of Leith whilst I was away. We have had some very special time together these past weeks, really precious.....hope to catch up with the rest of the world soon, and that means reading more of your interesteing posts !

  4. Please forgive the misspelt words...

  5. Yeah!! I am so glad you had a wonderful time with Leith. Welcome back!


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