Celebrating Black Friday with...

black and white photography- mine...shot with my 32 year old -35mm camera. I love this camera. While I am off shopping 'til I dropping, you can zoom in on my photos.

A mushroom
Don't touch, it's not editable!

My outdoor cat Kiki Dee

She once sang with Elton John. Now do you remember her?

A church in the country


A spider in the garden.

I struggled to take this photo and struggled to put it in the mix.

Remember the phobia?

Remember The China Cat?

I am still crying a tear for her.


  1. of course we remember the china cat:/
    and i really love white and black photography they always look great
    love and hugs

  2. Aw, yes, The China Cat, so beautiful, as are the other photos.
    Happy shopping

  3. Nice pics. That China Cat seems as if smiling.

    Keep well...

  4. I love black and white photos, they look so classic.

    Have fun shopping!

  5. MUCH more fun than elbowing your way into a store.


    My celebration? A big pot of turkey/sausage/shrimp gumbo with crusty leftover rolls. Fam loves it!

  6. Great pics Teresa. The China Cat looks very content and happy


  7. Tugce, Even though I love color, there is something dramatic and wonderful about Black and White photos.

    Gail, Thanks. Shopping was well...whew...I'll ramble about it Monday.

    Yagmur, China always smiled. She seemed very happy.

    Tamika, Me too. We found a photo of my aunt in her office with another lady she worked with... the photo was blk&wht and from the 1960's I think. I loved it.

    Patti, Your celebration sounds very yummy and I am sure much easier than my day.

    Lesley, I just wish I would stop missing her.

    Elizabeth, Thanks. They are certainly not that great, but so much fun to do.

  8. The photos are great. I'm scared that 35 cameras are soon going to be a thing of the past like VHS tapes. There's just so much more detail with a 35.

  9. On the news this morning I heard that the retailers in your country were hoping for a wonderful start to the Christmas takings with Thanksgiving Day Sales...which they said would continue right thru until Christmas. A whole month of sales! Is that the norm? Or are they....like the retailers here...trying to make up for lost revenue due to the WFC? (Don't you just hate acronyms!)
    That was just an aside....I love the B&W pics, especially the spider's web....
    and I look forward to hearing how you helped the retailers overcome their negative balance sheets!!!! x

  10. MC, I knoooow. My 35 is a clunker and I have to send the film off to be developed.... I remember the days when I developed my own photos. Does that make me old?? :)

    WD, I think the retailers are trying to be hopeful. I can't imagine it be that good, but we are all hopeful. Yes, black friday begins the season of (hopeful) perpetual spending through Christmas- only if people will spend.

  11. If it makes you old, I'm in the same boat.

  12. JW, a life time ago I took photo journalism in the military and we were taught to develop our own film. I LOVED it! You can do so much more with your pics. I still have a book on it, but wonder if I could actually give up a closet for a dark room????

  13. Judy, I so loved developing my own photos and would love to have a darkroom again. But could I even get the chemicals anymore? I had a difficult time finding someone to fix my camera.


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