Finding Happy

This is a 17 year old me...on prom night. I made my dress. That is my 1965 Ford Mustang that my folks bought me for $500 in 1973.

I didn't have a date.

But I had fun anyway.

Good news. I had a date the next year... and I married him the next.

Bad news, he divorced me. The marriage only lasted... 20 1/2 years. Really, I'm taking it well!!!

Good news again. I'm all right now. Such is life.

You just have to take what you are dealt, find out who you have become, then stand tall again and walk on and find your own way, then...choose to be happy.

And I found happy...not outside of me...inside.

P.S. I still feel 17.

How do you find your happiness? Do you wait for it to happen? Do you expect someone to fill that need? Do you find your own happiness? Where?


  1. u look awes'and i really loved ur dress i think the best way to reach happiness to find it on ur own but sometimes sb is enough to make ur life great

    blessings and love

  2. Good for you! If people could be happy within, there would not be as much trouble without.

  3. Beautiful picture! And a great message--find happiness inside ourselves instead of depending on it from others.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. My sister had that same Mustang, hers was a silvery blue color, very cool car. And fun. I definitely find my own happiness, in the home I've created, in a certain peace that is within it, and so my within my life.

  5. I try to find my own happiness!!
    You won one of my books! Please send me an email with your address so I can send it to you:))

  6. You seem to have a great attitude towards life and what is thrown your way. My husband owns a 1965 and 1966 Mustang. I took pictures for my blog article "beasts in my barn". Have a great weekend! :O)

  7. Well Teresa.....another piece of your life! Thank you for sharing this with all who read your blog. These little pieces are beginning to take shape and soon we will all have the beautiful picture that is you...
    I'll call it the jigsaw of life... for that's what it is really. Sometimes you think the pieces will fit together and then you find they don't....but you keep working away until at last the puzzle is complete, and with that comes a great sense of satisfaction.... There are so many more pieces yet to come....

  8. Tugce, It is true, we are not an island and the people in our lives do help stoke our happiness.

    Amen to that, Gail and Elizabeth.

    Joanne, Me too on my home. Home for me is -usually- peace. My mustang (it's hard to see in the pic) is light green.

    Thanks, Terri. I knocked on your door with my address. :)

    Diane, I stopped by your blog. Are you sure you need two of those old Mustangs? Ask your husband!

    WD, How very beautiful what you said. I am puzzling if nothing else. :) And I like to share with all of you little pieces here and there. You are my blogger friends near and far.

  9. I admire your courage at 17 to go to the prom alone. Wow. Finding one's happiness from the inside; I'm still working on that one.


  10. How sweet you are, standing in front of your car. My daughter would love to have that Mustang!

    I believe we can't be happy unless we love ourselves. Happiness is not obtainable from external people or material possessions, it is a state reached through peace of mind.

  11. I believe that our true happiness is found within and only when we focus on God. Once we have a relationship with Him everything else falls into place. Am sorry to hear about your divorce and glad you are all right with it. Divorces are traumatic - been there.

    Take care & God bless.


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