I have an announcement (rap rap on table)

It is time to announce who won the prizes of the giveaway.

Lucky for you all, George decided not to propose, I didn't lose my hat, nor did I break both arms so I drew the names for the 100th post giveaway.

Annnnnnnd the winners are (in order of drawing):

1. Elspeth Antonelli
2. White Dove
3. Indie
4. Linda

Just to remind you the first person chosen can choose the prize she wants. Post your choice in the comments on this post so that the next person can choose what she wants.(Warning: you may spit as you read that out loud) The last person drawn (Linda) will not get to choose (sorry about that, but the choosing had to stop somewhere). Aren't I brilliant the way I deduct such difficult findings and relay it to you in double talk? Any questions? Also, email me with your mailing address. Otherwise, I will be forced to take off work, hire a private eye (a cute one) that will look a lot like George Clooney and travel the world to bring your gift to you. Even though I would love to come visit and stay a month, I would miss my family and I would lose my job for being away so long. So please send email address.

Thank you all for entering and making my 100th post celebration fun. Because it is so much fun, I will be doing another giveaway soon.

Thank you, Blogger Friends!


  1. it is one of the best things to follow ur blog i like all ur posts they are all meaningful and hide sth to be discovered
    love ((:

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Hope you have a great Monday!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. The noise you hear is me doing my happy dance. I pick the leather journal (because I can). I shall email you my address, although if you and George Clooney want to deliver it personally I think it would be rude to not invite you both in.


    P.S. Yep, still dancing.

  4. Hi Teresa.....I've just gone to get my special reading specs....and yes...That IS my name on your winners list! How dear of you to include those of us not residing in the US of A. I will choose the second journal which looks pretty and feminine...(as I somehow imagine you to be,) so receiving this gift will truly make it special, and always a memory of your 100th post.x

  5. Congrats to all the winner and it was very nice of you to hold this contest. I wish I could watch the happy dance. :-)


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