Can a Mom Feel Proud?

That was then...

This is now!

She was interviewed on a local TV station yesterday about kids and stress.

This is the link if you wish to watch it.

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  1. Feel proud,because even I felt excited while watching it.

    She gave good advices and frankly I should say that you your daughter is very beautiful, maşallah( means: God save her from evil eyes).


  2. Yes, you should feel proud. And take a little of the credit for her success, you did raise her after all.

    Good interview.

  3. Great interview! And a good reminder that this time of year brings it's stresses as well as its joys--and to watch for stress in our kids.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. yeaaaah u should feel proud and really great interview i am sure that ur daughter is aware of that she has a wonderful mom
    loves and hugs

  5. Isn't it wonderful to see the wisdom and accomplishments of our chldren? You most definitely should feel proud!

  6. Definitely feel proud! I am so thrilled when I see what each of my daughters is accomplishing. It makes me feel like I did something right along the way. Let's face it, our kids are usually a big reflection on ourselves and our values.

  7. And just think, I knew her back when was just a little squirt, forcing, uh, letting me draw with her. It was a good interview for sure.

  8. How proud you must be! Revel in it; you deserve to!


  9. You should be proud!!!. Your daughter is adorable and lucky having you as her mom.
    Glad for you!

  10. Teresa...of course you can feel proud....and Tessa will be proud that you feel proud. I can only reiterate all of the above remarks and I am so happy for you.....(have printed off a copy to show a couple of my friends!) x

  11. Thank you to all for your allowing me to boast a bit. She does a good job in all that tries.

    Also thank you for telling me to take a little credit, but I cannot. She worked so hard for so many years. She did it all herself. The glory is hers...and God's.

  12. Be proud! Shout it to the skies and be sure and tell her you are very proud.

  13. You have a right to feel proud Teresa. That was great


  14. Awesome. You have every right to feel proud. I must come to listen when I am not rushing out the door to work.

    Have a blessed day.

  15. Love your blog, just came here from PW!

    Congrats, what a proud moment as a mom! That's wonderful. I can only imagine what my kids will grow up to accomplish.


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