Christmas Story #1

The Sister and Santa Claus

Since today is my sister's birthday, I will start my Christmas storytelling with a story that includes her.

As children, my sister and I shared a bedroom on the second floor. I am nearly eight years older so I can tell you that it wasn't the best arrangement since we were at different seasons in life. We rarely said much to each other or had much interaction. Except...

once in a while, she would have some crisis and would end up in my twin size bed with me.

Mostly, she would be scared about something OR she pretended to be scared so she could sleep with me.

Anyway, she was talking about Christmas that night when she crawled in bed with me. She talked about Santa...about presents and I really wanted to go to sleep, but she wanted to talk, so I tried to listen. I also took my opportunities at every pause to tell her she needed to go to sleep.

Finally frustrated, I emphasized strongly that she needed to go to sleep so that Santa could come.

Then right on cue, we heard a thump on the roof... followed by jingling of bells. Yes, jingling of bells.

She whispered, "Is that Santa?"

Frankly, I was a little shocked myself and got quiet to listen. But I finally whispered, "Yes, and you need to go to sleep. He doesn't like it when children are awake when he's bringing them presents."

It worked.

She went to sleep.

I don't remember when I figured out that the thump on the roof was our cat and the jingle was the bell on her collar. Maybe, I saw our cat the next day and put two and two (that's thump and jingle in mystery talk) together.

But, my sister believed it was Santa and for one single solitary moment or two, I might have wondered about it myself.

Happy Birthday, Little Sister.

Photo source: can't remember, but meant to.


  1. My daughters are 4 years apart and I know how that 8 year differnce must have been for you as an older sister. But in the intervening years they matured and grew much so that they now regard each other as their best friend....which pleases me no end. They lead busy lives in that very cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, sometimes referred to as "the Paris of the south" but when the call comes, they are there for each other...nothing else matters, and who could hope for more than that. Happy Birthday to your little sister!

  2. What a cute memory... Happy birthday to your sister. I wish a lifelong happiness.

    Keep well...

  3. What a great story! My sister is 4 years younger, so I was the Big Sister, but also enjoyed playing with her, too. 8 years is quite a gap--it sounds like you were really sweet with her.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. WD, We are very different and yet we are alike. If that makes sense. She is always there for me in the thickest briars and darkest of storms. She comes in handy. :)

    Yagmur, Thank you. This has always been a funny memory to talk about.

    Elizabeth, Big Sisters -rock! We have found a couple of interests to share.

    Oh, and I think I may have shared that we have a brother, in previous posts. He is in between us, so he fills in the gap.

  5. Happy birthday to your sister. Great memory, thanks for sharing. I think when we stop believing in Santa Claus we lose so much of the Christmas spirit - the wonder of it all.

  6. MC, So true. All it takes is looking at the Christmas Spirit through a child's eyes to bring us back to the wonder of the holidays.

  7. I always wanted a sister, the whole time I was growing up. With 3 brothers, I now love their wives as sisters, so it's turned out okay.

    Funny how our imagination kicks in when we hear things that go bump in the night... glad it was just the cat,, or Santa!

  8. What wonderful memories you share with your sister, they are so truly enriching. Now I have one question ... Are you SURE it wasn't Santa?

  9. Yes, sisters are the best!

    Since I'm still celebrating my 51-and-how-the-hell-did-I-get-here birthday, allow me to send a gift for your sister: the link for a free cover-to-cover read of my strings attached,really! (I know, hard to believe these days :-)

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    During these tough times, it's simply my way of giving back...

    take care,
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  10. Mattenylou- 3 brothers whew! Glad you got your sisters. :)

    Joanne - Nope not sure at all about Santa...I mean do we really know about Santa?

    Louise - Welcome. Hey life begins at 50 so I am told. Thank you for your offer, will visit soon.

  11. Ha! Talk about serendipity! What are the odds the cat would jump on the roof at that point?

    (Plus, how did the cat get on the roof in the first place? And how'd it get down? Now I'm curious, but y'know what that did to the cat...)

  12. Hi, Simon, There was a tree - still is - where the cats could jump onto the house. The Sister and I do laugh about the timing. Of course...we don't know for sure it was the cat, now do we???

  13. Great story Teresa...happy birthday T's little sister


  14. GREAT story. But the pictures are priceless. Reminds me of Jamey Johnson's lyrics:
    "A picture's worth a thousand words (though I hate that statement as a writer) but you can't see what those shades of gray keep covered. You should'a seen it in color."

    See, your words SHOW the shades of gray. Touche, Jamey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hey, Lesley, Have you sewn that gown for me yet?? I am still thinking on where I could wear it. Hopefully, little sister will see the well wishes. I didn't tell her I blogged on her.

    Hi, Patti, Thanks on the story and the pictures. They are great but a little fuzzy. BTW Great lyrics.

  16. Wonderful story. My sister was 11 months younger and I just felt so much older and put upon to watch her all the time. It's funny now. Happy birthday to your sister.

  17. Judy, I guess the years between don't matter as much as the older sister attitude. However, my sister will say, The years do matter. :) She loves being snarky to me about the "years between". But I will love her anyway, because my mom told me too.

  18. Thanks for the funny post, sister-sue. And also for all the well wishes from your peoples. I still remember that night, when Santa/Frisky (the cat) jumped on the roof. It was magical, and it did shut you up for just a few seconds. ;-) And maybe it wasn't just Frisky up there! Didn't she also raise a litter of kittens on the roof once??


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