Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Sometimes we are taken advantage of because of our good nature. And worse, we let them take advantage.

Let me ask you:

Have you ever had a relative that outstayed their welcome or a friend who doesn’t know the etiquette of visiting and won’t leave? During their visit, you feed them, you give them cushy places to dwell and then you cannot get rid of them. Or…or you treat them well and you don’t hear from them again until they need something? Have you had any experience with this type of visitor?

I confess I don’t know many freeloaders, except for one...just recently. Let me tell you about her.

Years ago she needed me. I gave her a place to stay and she ate my food and slept here. She was well- demanding. One day she decided she didn't like some of my "other" friends and left- as if my feelings didn't matter. That hurt.

But in my heart, I still loved her.

After all, I’ve known her since she was a baby. I even….well… considered her more like family than friend. I’ve always tried to be there for her. And from time to time she would beat a path to my door usually for a...handout. I didn't really mind.

About 6 months ago, I called her. I had to call more than once before she came. In fact, it was evening before she arrived. One of her close (and only) friends had died and I was concerned, so I invited her over again. When she arrived, I met her at the door with a smile on my face and fondness in my heart.

I don’t know if I had said something to offend her, but she didn’t stay long that evening. She just ate and left.

But since that day, I believe she has decided that I am now “worthy” because our visits are no longer awkward. And now...she comes to visit every day.

•As long as I feed her.
•As long as I don’t replaced the rickety door that she can open on her own when she wishes to leave... then we can friends. She likes her freedom.

Kiki Dee was born from a feral cat in my shed a few years ago. She has personality problems. But then what cat doesn’t have issues, I ask you?

She doesn’t like other cats.

She’s not that fond of people, except me of course.

I have fed her since she was old enough to eat on her own. But she has always been a little scared of everything: Other cats, random noises, the wind, people, cars , dogs, floppy clothing, and lawnmowers.

I can pet her, but I can’t pick her up without consequences. (And I can't wipe that muck away from her eye: see first photo.)

When the last of the feral cats (that I felt sorry for and fed) -Ginger- died earlier in 2009, I started feeding Kiki inside my screened in breezeway instead of outside on the deck. She was freaky at first.

But one day, when I forgot to let her back outside, she learned quickly how to push the old screen door open and let herself out.

It got better after that day...our relationship. For months now we have been doing this thing, learning how to trust.

She's always been a very sweet cat. But if I go in the house too know not on her terms or timing... she has been known to reach out with claws and snag my pant leg.

Now back to freeloaders. December 28, 2009 Kiki Dee decided after eating to... stay and stay and almost wear out her welcome. She stayed inside for hours. She ran through the breezeway over and over again with her tail straight up in happiness! She ran on top of all the tables and over the backs of the wicker chairs. She ran into the garage and atop my car. (NOT so great.)

This made me happy that she was happy so... I fed her again…oh and again. I'm not above buying her love.


Because just like every other pet that has decided to live with me…they pretty much rule.

Besides, what's wrong with buying the love of my pets, family and friends and strangers as long as it's legal. Yes, that includes George Clooney…if he could be bought…and if he needed the money…which he doesn’t.

Sometimes freeloaders are just temperamental cats that come and go as they please. I just hope she doesn't go breaking my heart (again).... (get it, Kiki Dee and Elton John-and a song?) It's playing if you have your speakers on.

Hey, thank you for your nice comments. I needed some down time. Can you believe 2009 is about to end? Are you sad about that? Or are you glad for a new year?

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  1. My wife and I took a vacation to Grand Cayman a few years back (pre-kids), and the cottage we rented by the sea came with a feral cat that sat at the back door and hissed at us whenever we approached. (The owners later told us it was called "Hissy," so it wasn't just us.) We fed it our leftover meat, and it kept coming back, so it got to the point where we were a bit sad to leave it behind.

    All this to say I understand buying attention (if not affection) from kitties.

    Happy New Year, good lady!

  2. You had me going, I was mentally listing all the relatives and humans in my past who did the same thing!

    Glad it's a cat!

  3. Wonderful story. I can see KiKi Dee staying for longer periods of time now that she's been invited inside.
    Wishing you and KiKi Dee much happiness and good health in the coming year.

  4. That is funny. You had me going too! What cute kitty, even if she is a stinker.

    Glad you're back :-)

  5. You had me going in a totally different direction! I could think of a few people that fit that bill.

    Looking forward to the New Year, grateful for the year behind and eager for all that my heart yearns for.

  6. My cat, Matilda, likes books and music...just like me! She crawls on the piano bench when her favorite piano students come, and she noses her way under my arm while I sit in my arm chair reading. She's a warm presence.

  7. You had me there for a while. I know lots of people like this.

  8. Bravo!! I loved that twist. You are such an excellent author. I, my dear friend, am going to have an excellent new year! I am, however, unable to dredge up a single tear for the passing year. Adiós, au revoir, arrivederci, Goodbye 2009.

  9. Simon, I can see your heart in your comment. Happy New Year too.

    Gail, Yeah,I wanted that response. Funny how you went through your list.

    MC, Getting her to stay inside has been a trick.

    CM, She is a stinker, but so likeable. I am glad I am back too. Thanks!

    Tamika, Thankfully, I don't know any humans of such character.

    Mary, Isn't that sweet? Cats have their own minds for sure.

    Lakeviewer, I didn't mean to deceive, but it was fun. :)

    Techman, what can I say except if you had your own blog, like JW suggested, you could have been blogging all this time that you were in Louisiana. I can only imagine you are quite through with 2009. ME TOO!

    Thanks everybody!!!!

  10. LOL... had me going in another direction also... we have had various feline collections over the years...
    Our current freeloaders seem to be teenage boys though... they come and they STAY... just took the last one home at 3p.... but glad they are here and we know where they are (says the weary mom)

  11. Sally, Those freeloaders are always ready aren't they to be freeloaders? How great that is.

  12. LOL I thought you were talking about people and I was trying to think of some who had done that to me!!
    I always enjoy your posts and your personality that shows through:) Hoping to read tons more from you this year:))

  13. To be perfectly honest, 2009 sucked BIG TIME for me and my family. The only good thing was the birth of two of my grandchildren. I am SO looking forward to the upcoming year, it has to be better...
    Happy New Year.

    I love this story. I am the queen of taking in freeloaders, Human Freeloaders ;-)

  14. Terri, I am glad you enjoy my insanity. I do love telling the stories. Happy New Year. I hope it's the best for you and your family!!!

    Elizabeth, I am right there on the couch with you. 2009 sucked. There were good things in 2009, but the other things.... Whew! I wish you a much better New Year. I demand it for both of us. :)

  15. You had me going there! I'm glad it was a kitty because friends like that are rough to have!

    Cats are great pets...but boy, don't they love doing things their way?

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  16. Elizabeth, Yes people would be more difficult to "scat". Cats do like their way.

  17. Glad to finally see you were talking about a cat.... and yes, you described their relationship perfectly. Seems they make the rules around here, too. I'm still feeding a stray or two, I can't really say, as I've only seen the footprints in the snow, haven't yet seen them, but their outside bowl is empty everyday. Oh well, what's another mouth or two to feed?!?

  18. Oh, how I love this blog. You sure know how to weave a story. Here I was thinking it was Uncle Phil or Aunt Harriet...

    Blessings to you, and Happy New Year.
    Hope to be prowling around here again soon!


  19. Hi Teresa, hope Kiki Dee is staying inside. If you have a chance, stop by Thoughts in Progress I have an award to pass onto you.

    Have a safe and Happy New Year.

  20. It's always wonderful when cats choose you. Those are the kinds of freeloaders I don't mind.

    the human ones -- I get rid of them pretty quickly, especially those who are real users and never give back. At least cats, dogs, et al give back -- even if it takes them awhile to overcome their fear!

    Lovely story, and very well-written by the way! Terrific twist and beautiful ending.

  21. TJ, this a so true and cute a post. And I see that I have a lot to learn on life from your experiences, and on writing from your way of 'dancing' with the words.

    Hve a perfect year.


  22. Mattenylou, Oh I am glad you are feeding them. I am such a sucker for feeding the needy cat or dog, but they will probably stay forever.

    Patti, Thank you for your enjoying my blog. I enjoy writing it. I enjoy your blog as well.

    MC, Yay!!! I will head over very soon...after I get my coffee. Thank you.

    Devon, I knew you would understand! Thank you for your encouraging words, it means a lot. Although I love to write, I don't always know how to write.

    Yagmur, How clever "dancing with words". I love love love dancing with my words. That's an image I will cherish.

  23. Love the story of Kiki Dee!~

    Beautifully told and the music was P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!!


  24. You had me going, too. I kept thinking, "Geez, her friend probably won't be too happy when she reads this."

    Nevermind. No worries. :-)

    I'm looking forward to a new year. Actually, now that Christmas is over, I'm looking forward to spring.

    Happy New Year!

  25. Sorry Kat, for the fooling. I did warn some of my family since they were the last to visit me. :) I am lucky in that I have never had visitors that I didn't want to keep.

  26. Unfortunately I have had visitors that left me drained and strained (the two legged type) so my mind was going in a different direction. I hope your relationship continues to get better. :-)

    Have a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.

  27. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your heart in such a creative way.

    And thanks for visiting my blog, Something She Wrote. It's great to connect. :)

  28. I, too, wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I loved your story, and can relate to taking that chance with a wild cat. I wish they knew how much they touch our hearts.
    Have a Blessed New Year!

  29. Hi JW .. they sure can creep into our hearts. By instinct they seem to know what's going on .. crawling into my trunk before I went off for school .. making sure the box stays empty - because they're in it .. but they warm our hearts as they cosy up to us.

    Enjoy her? company ..
    Happy New Year -
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories


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