My Brother, My Sister, and Me- JW

It's so great to go through the photographs that my mother has put together for me. Here is yet another photo, ok and my sister and brother at my grandparents' house at Christmas.

I don't have a story to go with it, so I will let you create in your mind a story about these 1960's children. And please don't be looking up my dress. How embarrassing!

If you want to play along, then in 50 words or less give me a synopsis of your story based on this photo. Keep it G rated please, my mom is watching.

I know you all are good writers. I've seen it. Make it funny, make it sad, make it heartwarming, make it Sci Fi- but make it your own with just a sentence or two.

Or...instead you can just tell me how incredibly gorgeous I was at that tender age and how I am still quite striking. (Of course that would be another Santa lie) But, I thrive on that kind of attention- you know. Ask anyone.

Sorry there are no prizes for this exercise, just my blogging friendship.

The End.


  1. Um...

    Luckily for little Elsie, mommy showed up with the camera before Johnny and Jenny could make her eat the wax gnome.

    Or something like that. :)

  2. Simon, A comedy? or??? It made me laugh--anyway.

  3. Another fairytale moment that clouds my dreams, forcing me to remember Mama more than I want. Pictures only tell half the story. I miss you Mama.

  4. How nostalgic. Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory!

    Sorry, my creative abilities went to sleep with my little boys two hours ago.

  5. So cute, are you introducing your baby sister on her first Christmas? I think we all have pics like this, years later we wonder.. what was I doing here?

  6. The Christmas tree sparkled, silver tinsel and colored bulbs dripping from its branches. Beneath it green and red packages promised wishes granted. Three young children gathered nearby waiting for the tree's glorious presents to be passed and stripped of their wrappings.

    Mother insisted the children huddle together; time stood more still than a statue as she required the children wait longer still as she gathered the memory in a box of her own, a camera.

  7. Tamika, Very nice!

    Mattenylou, a story for the imagination?

    TTWC, How very beautiful. Love it.

  8. Cop Mama, Two little boys will sap the creative process, because you have to be so creative with them. But OH MY they are worth it.

  9. I dunno, that looks pretty staged. That little precious baby child (me) in the middle, looks like she was just plopped down in amongst her reluctant siblings. I mean look at JW's hand---reaching out, yet not TOUCHING the precious baby child. Ummm hmmm. I believe that Simon may be on to something.

  10. Thank you for your comment to me today. I am amazed at the response to what I was terrified to post. Thank you for your telling to me that you KNOW.

  11. Such a cute picture!

    How about "Trade you, Santa!" :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  12. I love these old pictures. And I love that song you've got playing...festive. Sorry, we're off to shop so I don't have time for 50 creative words.

  13. Tammy, The child in the middle has always been lucky the other two children accepted her into the fold, so close to Christmas, which of course has meant a lifetime of sharing gifts that might have been meant for the oldest child.

    Meredith, I'm there for you. Just don't forget it. Saying it outloud is one of the hardest things to say. You know I am praying.

    Elizabeth CS. Love it!

    Elizabeth B- The first song is Doris Day. I wish I had her voice. Enjoy your shopping.

  14. "Babies, be still now!" Mommy had fussed with our hair all morning, but bratty Jimmy kept yanking my curls. At least my bow was tied.
    "One, two, three, say Merry Christmas, Daddy!"
    "Merry Cwiss-muss!" Tommy managed.
    I gave Daddy my best smile. Maybe our picture would bring him back from dirty old Vietnam.


  15. Sweet Ellie had to pose with her brothers before her recital performance where she received standing ovations. Now, our camera broke, and we don't have those pictures. This one will have to remind you of both events.

  16. Thank goodness we found the baby. But I can't believe we had to call the police. Do you know how embarrassing it is to tell the neighbors you lost your baby sister beneath a mountain of wrapping paper?

    This was a fun idea!

  17. You all are great story maker uppers.

    Patti, Ah Vietnam. How many pappa were there at that time and how many pappas and mamas are at war now.

    Lakeviewer, Very nice.... Mom just recently said something about a time when their camera was broken and they didn't take photos. You can't prove it by me. They have millions maybe trillions of photos.

    Kat, I am still laughing over your blurb. Very Very entertaining.

  18. And, guess what? Your blogging friendship is the best prize of all. I have some black and white photos like this, too, same setting. My little brother is in them with me. Funny how fast time gets away. He’s now a “big shot” attorney. I still knuckle his ribs…and he still deserves it. Wishing you the best of holidays.

    Best, Galen.
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  19. Must we sit still for yet another picture? I wonder if Mom has figured out that we found her hiding place and so carefully unwrapped and re wrapped each present. The middle child is trying to blackmail me. Shhh, Mom seems to hear when she isn't even listening. Smile pretty now.


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