Reason #2 that I blog

Awards are very nice. Awards are sometimes expected, but many times are not. Awards lift you up when you may be feeling at the bottom of your world.

I hope that if I continue to blog a hundred years and I receive a hundred awards (a girl can dream can't she?), that I will never be complacent about them. I wish to always look at the spirit of the giving and the inspiration of the giver. Because I want to always remember that when someone gives from the heart, it is a glimpse at their very soul.

This week Gail at the farm gave me this really really nice award. I appreciate it so much. Thank you, Thank you. P.S. I love love love this picture. I'm the one on the far left. Ask my family, they will tell you that my hands are always in the air about something. I also close one eye when photographed...oh oh and my mouth is always open. True story.

Remember Reason #1 that I blog? It's to get to know you.

Now for Reason 2:

Reason #2 that I blog is that I look forward to reading whatever you all have posted every time you post. It's almost an addiction, but a good one. It's kind of like catching up with old friends. You entertain me. You inform me. You educate me. You make think. inspire me to write some more.

Why do you blog? One more question. Is the answer to the first question the same as when you began blogging?

You now have the blogging floor!


  1. blogging makes me feel good, inspired... and i swoon having friends by blogs, drop their pages read and comment their creations.


  2. Congrats on the award Teresa...Blue ribbon time.

    I blog because it makes me happy. It's nice thinking up things to write about and hopefully, others wil be interested in.

    I love it when people drop by and leave is like old friends catching up for a coffee and a good chat.
    It's lovely

  3. I like to chit-chat. LOL! Blogging is like that. And I love meeting people thru blogs, too!

  4. Love the bogger friends' response.
    i always read my comments and visit the blogs which have commented on my post. It's a blogger practice i'd say. I also like visiting new bloggers and support them by following their blogs.
    Have a blissful day!

  5. Well've posed another interesting question, asking have our reasons for blogging changed since we first began this interesting journey. Basically the answer for me is "no"....however, I should add that I'm still amazed that people (and I mean REAL & GENUINE people) read my blog. I was in a state of shock for days when I actually got a "comment" from someone other than family.(a bit like the girl in Julia & Julie).
    Blogging has opened up a new world to me and it is comforting to know that there are people just like me out there in that world who have the same loves, hates, humour, enthusiasm and compassion, obvious in their blogging and their comments. It is a strange thing to say, but I feel comfortable in their company...and what could be better than that !

  6. Good question!

    I've definitely changed. I started blogging because I knew it was something I was supposed to do as a published writer. But it's grown into an online family for me.

    I enjoy your blog and catching up with you each day!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  7. Yagmur, Makes me feel great too, thanks for following my blog.

    Lesley, It is like old friends catching up. Isn't that great? Thank you for following my blog.

    Jennifer, That is a great thing, meeting the personalities. Thank you for following my blog.

    Betty, I agree that visiting and supporting the blogs is very important. Thank you for following my blog.

    WD, It is comforting to recogonize in those we read and follow similarities. And I might add that if someone is missing for awhile I wonder what's going on, like it's any of my business. :) Thank you for following my blog.

    Elizabeth, My reason has changed as well. I wanted to just journal online just to have it documented. But since that time, I realized I could be alone and write or reach out and find other people who enjoy writing and da da have new friends. It matters to me when you all stop by. Thank you for following my blog.

  8. I blog because my sister told me to blog. It's cheaper than theaphy. I have a circle of friends now that will talk to me no matter what I am wearing and it feels good.

  9. I think your answer to Reason #2 is perfect. That says it all.
    I look forward everyday to reading the various blogs I've come to call my "favorites," as well as finding new ones.
    I started blogging to connect with authors, reviewers and people in the publishing industry. It is so much more than that now. Now it's about connecting each day to people I'm coming to know as friends.

  10. I started to blog on the advice to have an internet presence and connect with the writing community, but had no idea where it would go. Wow, it's a great forum, most definitely. The writing experiences, advice and inspiration shared is amazing, but even more so, with many of the bloggers, it's become more like meeting over the virtual fence for a visit, chatting a bit, checking in!

  11. Currently I blog (almost to a point of obsesseion) because I love to write and have a desire to express things that I'm thinking about or something I want to share with others. I am thrilled whenever I find a comment that has something to say back to me, especially when I turns into a conversation. Another thing that has also been previously been mentioned is looking at the blogs of those who have commented mine. I have learned so much about blogging, writing, and other things by reading what others have to say. I would probably have never known about and participated in NaNo if I hadn't read about it on blogs.
    This is all very different from my original intent of blogging. I first came here because I had read about "Google Adsense" as a way to make money. I yet to see Google approve my adsense request, but now I now longer care about it that much. Now it's the writing, the networking, new "friends", and the learning.

  12. I started blogging because I'd heard it was important to have a "platform" as an author. That motivation fell by the wayside as soon as I discovered a wonderful writing community. Now I blog because I hope to say something that helps or inspires or entertains my writer friends out in cyberspace. Platform, schmatform, I say now. People are the new platform (or something... did that even make sense?).

  13. Gail, I am with you. As I mentioned one time, I started to blog because my daughter and sister kept insisting.

    MC, It is something I look forward to, connecting with you all day to day.

    Joanne, I like that "virtual fence". This is such nice image in my mind.

    Lee, Me too, I love to write. It's always been an urge in me. Writing comforts me and calms me.

    Simon, It all makes sense. And many of you talked about the online writing community. I feel so at home in that community even though I am not as advanced as many. It's like I have found my place...a wonderful place.

  14. I've been writing since 5th grade and loving it. I had published a few poems and then publishers began asking for money so I started looking online for places to publish my work and before I knew it had began writing at various sites, meeting wonderful and exciting people who engaged my thoughts and supported mine and getting paid. In an attempt to better market my articles I opened my blogs but soon found that writing was therapeutic. You can express yourself and share ideas with other writers. Only sometimes do I post my links. It's liberating to express and share ideas and feelings.

    Congrats on your award!

  15. Congrats on the award and that is a WONDERFUL picture. Why do I blog? For the interaction. I love reading other people's blogs to discover what's on their minds. I've had some magnificent writing advice and some wonderful laughs.

    Interaction is good; and now I have correspondents all around the world!


  16. Judy, I've been writing since 6th, where I wrote several plays. It really does feel good to express oneself. I do worry I will bore you all.

    Elspeth, All true to me as well. I love discovering what's on peoples mind...and I learn about writing. :)

  17. 1. My website kept exploding with my thrice-a-week old lady blog posts and pictures and my webmeister was ticked off. I can't afford to have him ticked off!!!
    2. The Inkies for some reason allowed me to join their blog and I found out, to my shock, that I loved the practice!!!
    3. Guess what??? It has REALLY stirred up my gray matter for my daily page requirement of WIP!!!

    LOVE, LOVE this blog!!!

  18. I blog because I am.

    LOL - J/K

    I write because I love the process of crafting words.

    You, Journaling Woman, are a hero of mine in that world.

  19. Patty, You're website is awesome. Gray matter stirring is good for us.

    Indie, YOUR blog makes me laugh. Laughing is good. You do your craft well.

  20. congrats on ur award u deserve all
    lots of loves

  21. Why do I blog? It is like journaling but more interesting. And perhaps it is a fun record for my children. And there is the hope that reading my blog, should someone happen to stumble across it, will brighten their day. And I can type faster than I can handwrite something. Is that enough reasons?

  22. Tugce, Thank you much for your support.

    Linda, Me too. I hope somehow our blogs will be around for future generations (esp family) to read.

  23. I blog because the bloggers I follow have become "friends" and I want to keep up with their lives! :)


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