It has been the longest week here.

A week ago Wednesday it snowed 3 or 4 inches. It was cold, but it got worse.

The picture was the second snow.

It snowed again on Sunday. The snow kept spitting, even though it is rude to spit.  It snowed again this last Wednesday 2-3 inches. What’s different this time is that it was colder and more bitter. Yes, the weather was bitter. Someone needs to talk to her about her pent up anger.

The wind whipped the snow around 20 miles an hour at times. My house is cold. It feels like I don’t have walls between me and the world… until I go outside then I realize how warm it is inside. My car sputters to start and it is in the garage. I left a water bottle in the car and it froze solid Thursday and it rarely freezes in my garage. Yesterday it started out -10 degrees. Today is suppose to be colder. 


the TV weather people say there is a heat wave coming. I say Yeah, bring it on.

Next week we are supposed to have temperatures of… wait a minute, I am choking up… temperatures of 40 degrees.

I say now don’t play with my emotions…please.  I'm very sensitive.

Isn’t it great how a little spark of hope can get you out of bed and back on your feet?

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. i love the pictures and the notes((: we are in heat wave here 18 degrees still no snow u can come here((:

  2. See it all depends on our perspective!

    Wonderful post, as usual.

    I have not checked the temps since I have to drive to work today. If I don't know, maybe I will be warmer.

    The days are getting longer and a heat wave is coming. You will be missing the beauty of that snow soon.

  3. I like mowing, too! Only on the riding mower, though.

    We're finally supposed to be warmer next week, too. In the 50s! Woo-hoo!

    Mystery Writing is Murder
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  4. Thanks for the funny to start my day. I don't even know how far it is below up here in MN. I just close my eyes and run to the next shelter! Goin' out for coffee this morning. That's all you can do, drink coffee and wear sweaters, practice your sprint!

  5. Tugce, It is warmer there! ha ha. If I even venture out it will probably be somewhere that is 40 or 50. :)

    SW- I just need to keep my sanity. ;)

    Gail, This true. In spite of my post, my perspective stinks right now. Oh and no I will not be missing the beauty of the snow. You can miss it for me?

    Elizabeth, I guess it should give me some comfort to know that the much of this wonderful country is having these weather issues but.... Yay on mowing. It is a stress reliever for me until August when the spiders start hanging from the trees.

  6. Mary, I just chicken out and stay in. Yes I believe you all have me beat in coldness. I like the drinking coffee. NOW that I do.

  7. Brrr!

    If it makes you feel any better, we will be having a cooling trend here in L.A. until Wed when the high is predicted at 67 and a low of 44 with possible rain (which I'm sure won't amount to much). Then the temps will be going back up. No frozen water bottles here.

  8. Lee, Are you trying to make me cry? Huh? I may just send you a package of snow and that water bottle...yes I can. Dry ice? Freezer compartment? Just kidding, I am keeping this wonderful snow all to myself. :(

  9. Yeah, it's supposed to get up into the mid-thirties next week by the time I have to take Elsa back out to the vet. so she won't have to be kitty in a snowsuit!

  10. You are so good to Elsa, but then she is good to you too. I can't wait for the mid 30's to arrive. I can't believe I have been forced to say that.

  11. It must be the writer in me, but I love weather like that. Great excuse to stay inside and hunker down with writing, coffee, fire in the fireplace while the wind blows outside. Send some my way!

  12. We are suppose to be in the upper 30s tomorrow and I'm ready to do a happy dance. I'm so tired of the teens and 20s I guess the 30s will feel like a heat wave. Oh, how I long for temperatures in the 50s or 60 again. It's going to be a very, very long winter at this rate.

  13. Hi JW - lovely mix of pics .. the hummingbirds look great - wouldn't like it here though .. sort of heavy sleet rain, but I am half a mile from the sea.

    Me too .. warm up please. This is when I really want to spend 6 months in the sun, and 6 months in our lovely long light summers.

    I'm hunkering down though and getting on with a few things - like a lot of things!

    Keep warm .. Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  14. Do you realize we won't hit 40s again until at LEAST March??? So, sorry friend, but no sympathy here :-)

    However, LOVE the pics! You gotta explain the adorable puppies? Did I miss something?

  15. I can't wait to be able to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in here, I hope Spring comes soon, too. In the meantime, stay warm!

  16. Teresa I feel for you! We, on the other hand, are experiencing the exact opposite. It's going to be over 42 degrees celcius here this coming week. That's around 108degrees in your language. Why can'rt we strike a happy medium ?

  17. Joanne, Yes, it's great if you don't have to go out in it or pay the higher utilities. :)

    Mason, I am certainly fretting a bit about it being a long winter.

    Hilary, I'm with you 6months here 6months there, or maybe 8months-there.

    CM, No sympathy? what? No puppies in my life yet. I just forgot to list my sources. But, just like when my kiddos were little and I would get the "got have another baby"(bug)-puppies and kitties are calling my name.

    Mattenylou, I am longing for spring myself.

    Lesley, 108 degrees. I wonder if we could trade off a bit. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around that kind of warmth right now.

  18. Oh, I do hope it warms up for your sake.

  19. JW, the snow gives us writers an excuse to sit around the house and think lovely thoughts, such as the post you just created. :-) If it was nice, we may getting antsy to go out and garden or mow...

  20. I so relate to this post! It is 17 degrees here in Florida tonight. This is crippling, really.
    stay warm everyone.

    (except the dear Aussies)

  21. Amen Sister! Hope is a wonderful thing. I have three pair of socks on with my house slippers, two pair of pants, and I lost track of how may shirts and sweaters. And this is while I'm just sitting here by the fire at the computer. Bring on the heatwave.

  22. How did that woman get those hummingbirds to sit on her hand for that photo? Amazing pics, humorous post. Hope you do get your heat wave.


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