Reason #3 I love blogging...

because it can be all about me. Is that selfish? Is that pretentious? Is that spoiled?

And I love it because I get to experience wonderful gifts like this Kreativ Blogger award from Mattenylou at On Larch Lane. Thanks so much.

Visit her if you haven't yet. WAIT, let me tell you about her blog first. She lives in the East. She features the world just outside her back door and New England to boot. I love her photos and the way she writes about her world. Sometimes when I am there visiting, I expect her to step out of the page and offer me a cup of tea. She has a most interesting blog. You won't be sorry when you visit.

I am suppose to tell you seven (more) interesting things about me. I really have to scrape the bowl to find those interesting things. Because my friends, I am boring. But that's OK. Not everyone can be interesting. So, I humbly accept the role of the most uninteresting blogger on the Internets. Is there an award for that?

This is not one of my seven, just a funny conversation with a friend of mine (I work with her). You know how my mind roams and rambles and this will give me an opportunity to use my listing skills. So she asked me Tuesday if I would ever marry again. I said probably not.

I'm too picky.

And I told my friend that it would be too much trouble to marry again. But, I also told her the things I miss about marriage:

1. I have to change my own light bulbs now.

2. I have to get my own gasoline.

3. I have to eat my own chocolate cookies and they are not as good as...his. (I will deny this if you ever tell him.)

She laughed, shook her head and said "No really."

I said. "Really." (I'm complicated like that.) "I will never ever marry again."

Now seven interesting things about me or... whatever!

1. I have broken my pinkie toe twice... badly (turn away don't read this if you are squeamish) where both times the toe separated from my other toe like a fork in the road. OUCH.

2. I misunderstood the explanation of procreation in the 4th grade. After a passing kiss on the cheek from a little boy, I thought I was pregnant. I mourned for a good week wondering how I would ever tell my parents.

3. My grandfather died of Parkinson's disease. Watching him suffer was so hard. I was 12ish. I still cry thinking about it.

4. I love riding motorcycles.

5. My favorite breed of dog is Boxer. I love all dogs, but the Boxer is my fav.

6. I dance sometimes to music in the dark -for relaxation and exercise not because I am dancing with myself. I'm not that desperate. Oh and not in complete darkness because why bloggers... remember??? I'm. scared. of. the. dark.

7. Mercy by Duffy is my new favorite song.

There you have it. I reserve the right to pass the award on later. I am thinking of having an awards evening soon, with gowns, a black tie event with Entertainment Tonight covering the red carpet. I will let you know on that.

I have to go now.

I'm moving.

It is suppose to snow here in MO 6-12 inches Friday. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So I'm moving tonight.

I don't know where yet, BUT if you live in a warm climate and have an extra bedroom and you will cook for me- please extend an invite. I'm not much trouble. Don't worry I will eventually leave. Just so you know my interests are: cleaning, eating and writing.

6-12 inches of snow in MO. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (It bears repeating.)

Just to pull this all together (as if I could):

My reason #1 for blogging is to get to know you. Reason #2 that I blog is that I look forward to reading your posts. Reason #3 is because my posts can be all about me.

I have asked this before but tell me again new or old reasons why you blog. I love hearing them.

P.S. Would you like a little snow?


  1. ibwhitedove.blogspot.comJanuary 28, 2010 at 1:56 AM

    Hi Teresa, I'm back! Haven't thought about my return to blogging yet, been just so busy catching up with my favourite bloggers...but the thought is I need motivation. Great to read all that's been happening in your life...such an interesting one it seems to me, but sometimes not to you. You sell yourself short...George C eat your heart out X

  2. See, I've even forgotten how to sign in to comment....woe is me!

  3. Hi - I've just popped over from Mattenylou's blog .... she gave me one of her awards too!! I found it very hard to think of 7 interesting things - my husband supplied the last one! I'll be back for a longer read, regards, Anne

  4. Hi Joanne .. no thank you - please keep the snow!!

    It's good to meet and know other bloggers - which perhaps we don't if they operate a business type blog .. but we're so lucky here with the other bloggers around this sphere of life.

    Good to know you .. and I hope you're not iglooed in yet keeps you warm - but I wouldn't want to try though!

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  5. Snow....yuck. I hope it doesn't proceed to Ohio. What do you say we go back to my blog and look at the Florida pictures? ESCAPE???

  6. Elizabeth, Me too.

    White Dove, Yay!! I have missed you. In fact I looked at your blog link yesterday and it said 1 month and I sighed. So I guess you heard me?

    FATE- Welcome and come back soon.

    Hilary, not yet- but we are going to get socked. p.s. This is Teresa, did you forget me? :)

    Becki, Oh don't tempt me. I was very envious when I looked at your photos. At least you have the memories. :)

  7. Who knew that blogging would be so fun. I just love it> It gives me a creative outlet and it open up my world to so many wonderful blogging cyber pals.

    Just love it!!


    PS: You can keep your snow, If I had a choice I would head to the beach.

  8. My goodness me Teresa .. I did!! - apologies .. I t'ink I was multi tasking and not really paying too much attention .. eg I was half watching the tennis = sorry! It's odd to see a Brit, even a Scot, get to the final in Melbourne, & I was doing some technical work and I was sorting of contemplating getting up to my Ma for an appointment .. so all in all a hopeless case. Naughty girl is me!

    I'm here - and you're Teresa .. & I'm so pleased you caught me up short! I will endeavour not to do it again .. or I might have to write 100 lines .. "Teresa is the Journaling Woman??!!"

    Apooloogeeees .. Hilary

  9. Why do I blog? My sister told me too, although she is not a blogger.

    It is my vacation to visit others. It feeds my need to write.

  10. Congrats on your award. You do deserve it.Love your list, it's great getting to know you.

  11. We're supposed to get snow down here, too! What's going ON!? :)

    I didn't picture you as a motorcycle rider...very cool! I'm too scared to ride them, but I've always thought it looked like fun.

    Mystery Writing is Murder
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  12. You wanna talk snow, come on up to Minnesota - plenty of snow, way too much cold and wind. Snow is pretty, interesting, white, and stimulates your creativity (snow people, forts, fights). Cold just makes you want to hibernate. I'm hibernating today.

    I started blogging because I want my blog to help people connect and write their own stories, especially in journals. What keeps me going is the connections I make and how the energy and encouragement of other writers stimulates more writing and more energy and I feel like I'm part of a whole globe full of people. I'm reading blogs while eating breakfast. It's like sharing a meal with friends.

  13. Oh dear, my friend, what do I comment on first? Your broken toe (ouch) or your love of Boxers? So much info, I feel like I know you a little bit better now :-) Congrats on your award.

    Why do I blog? It's a fun outlet to get to know other bloggers. I love reading other people's blogs too.

  14. We've got hour inches and counting here. I'm waiting for the next snow band to pass through before digging out the car.

  15. No no no, I am sick of the snow here in the midwest, and ready for Spring!

    I blog for an outlet for my thoughts, to keep up with my friends, make new ones, and to practice writing and putting myself out there.

  16. Congrats to you for this award! Isn't it fun?

    Ohhh, you say such nice tings out me and my blog, I'd love to have you in for a cuppa tea and some chat, too!

    I love all the new friend I've met from around the globe, so nice!

  17. I blog because I love to write.

    And heck no I don't want more snow. My corner of Nebraska received about 20 inches and 50 mile and hour winds on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. And it's snow every week or so since.

    I'm ready for spring. :-)

  18. You can send a little snow our way and I won't tell you about the lovely weather we are having in L.A. again.

    One of the best things about blogging is being part of a community of similar minded people or at least other interesting people.

  19. Robin, If you head for the beach...stop by for me.

    Hilary, Don't write it 100 times. Sometimes I forget who I am. :)

    Gail, My sister told me to also and I ignored her for a couple of years.

    Betty, Thanks.

    Elizabeth SC, I don't have the opportunity to ride much but when I do I like it.

    Mary, I wish I could think of snow as pretty. Can you tell I am trying?

    CM, Toes and Boxers? :) hmm. I like both, my toes and Boxers. I think that tells you that I am clumsy (oh yeah) and that I like dogs who "look" like they mean business.

    Devon, I know the snow will stop someday. I'll say it again. If I didn't have family here, I doubt I would live here. But, it is pretty the other three seasons.

    Constance, It is a great way to write and write and write...and so far no one has stopped me.

    Mattenylou, It's all true.

    Kat, If we are voting for Spring I cast a vote or two.

    Lee, I think you tease me with all your LA talk. I mean is that really nice? I saw the palm trees swaying in the wind in your photos.

  20. Teresa, it snowed here today and more is predicted for tomorrow. If I didn't have, an elderly mother, 4 children, 2 steps, 23 grands, 3 great grands & own my own home I would have BEEN gone! lol.


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