and not the TV show.

Because of the three day weekend, I've lost my way. I have about 20 million things to do this short week, so forgive me if I don't post as usual.

I'll follow the signs and get back in the groove soon.


  1. Love your post and understand completely. If only I could follow signs and get back on track. LOL

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. I hope you get a lot accomplished. See you soon.


  3. I hear you! My daughter comes in this week and leaves the 9th. I leave the 10th for Gulf Shores for my parents 50th wedding anniv. return the 19th or 19th. And my 95 yr old grandma is in town. And somewhere in all that I have to work! UGH!!!!!

  4. One step at a time ... We'll be here :)

  5. I didn't become lost, but I purposely didn't focus on any projects this past weekend.

  6. Take your time, allow for slow traffic, and don't be afraid to ask for directions. Later, Mary

  7. teresa,
    thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. may God bless you richly in every way.
    i just had to write!
    nikonsniper steve

  8. Hi Teresa .. hope you had fun - that's the main thing .. and at least the road sign is telling you to go left!

    Happy Days - Hilary

  9. Sometimes I hop around from project to project, kid's game to kid's practice so often things get a little lost for me too. Hope you find your way soon.
    ~ Wendy

  10. Oh I wish I could get back on track like that. Ahh well, I just have to keep plodding away

  11. Take your time, Teresa.
    We will be here.
    Big hugs!
    B xx

  12. Teresa, this is my second time reading this. I understand completely. I had to turn off the computer and go to work the first time. :-) Can't they just pay me to stay home?


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